Flexible Membership Plans & Automatic payments

Create monthly/yearly plans, passes and family memberships. Set payment frequencies and registration fees. Sell Your Services online. Clubworx gives you the tools to sell your services through your website, marketing campaigns, the member app.

  • Design flexible membership plans: Design whatever you sell to your members. Limitless options for the types of services/memberships/passes you can design. Services, Plans, Passes, Locations.
  • Payment frequency (once, recurring)
  • Registration fee (upfront cost)
  • Class Access (unlimited, based on the quantity purchased , weekly and monthly limits)
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Allow members to purchase memberships from the Kiosk (ideal for drop in customers)
  • Automate cancellation policies
  • Suspending Members. Easily track and manage members while they are away with Clubworx simple suspension tool. Automate custom messages to members to welcome them back at the end of the suspension period.
    Cancelling members.

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