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Smart Contracts and Online Waivers

Nobody likes spending their time filling out forms. You want your new members to have the easiest and most direct way to sign up, and with Clubworx you can use online forms that are customisable to your liking and streamlined for the convenience of your clients. Rather than waste time filling out forms, you can impress your new customers by allowing them to sign up directly from your website. Not to mention all your waivers are easily customisable with your own branding as well!

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Auto-Pay: Hassle Free, Reliable Payments

Want to make collecting membership payments simple and hassle free? The Clubworx system is perfect for this, and can help you stay on top of fee payments while keeping your client’s information safe and secure. There is minimal handling required by you, with the automated payment system maintaining your business and client relationships. Debtor reports are simple to read, and monthly updates let you know which payments have failed, meaning you won’t waste valuable time going through every account.

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Stay In Touch With Your Members

It’s not enough to simply have clients, you have to nurture their experience and your relationship as well. Using Clubworx’s easy to manage interface, email and SMS has never been more efficient! With an in-app email and SMS platform at your disposal, you can stay on top of your current clients as well as prospective clients with relative ease.

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Make It Easy For Members To Book Classes Online

Managing your online bookings has never been more simple than with Clubworx’s platform. Using our system, plan and schedule your range of classes at the convenience of yourself and your staff. Your clients will love the the easy access they have to your range of classes through your website, letting them plan their exercise ahead of time. Not to mention using Clubworx can gain you valuable data to measure attendance records, to inform you next classes accordingly.

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Simple, Fast Gradings/Promotions Management

Whether you are hosting a grading or promotion, you can make the process more straightforward with Clubworx’s management system. On top of helping you manage the day to day management of your business, the software will allow you to organise grading and promotion events, and make that information visible for your clients on your website. Uncomplicated and efficient, you’ll be spending time on what matters most.

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