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3 Reasons Why a Passion for What You do Improves Your Fitness Business

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

Our clients love what they do.  We can just tell by our interactions with them.  They care about their clients, and they care about the image they are projecting to these customers.  On a recent holiday, I got to see first hand how a passion for what we do makes us great and gives our businesses an advantage over those just going through the motions.

For those outside of Australia, the Kimberly’s are a national treasure.  I was fortunate enough to spend some time at the Berkley River Lodge fishing for Barramundi with my father.  It is a spectacular part of the world.  Over the course of our 5-day trip, we were looked after by three fishing guides. While all three were excellent fishermen, our experiences with all of them were quite different.  It got me thinking; we fished the same river, we used the same equipment and often fished the same locations with all three guides, so what was the difference?

After talking to my father about it, we agreed that two of the guides just went the extra mile in sharing their knowledge and experience. They loved what they did.  They lived it every day.  Had we not been in the boat with them, they would have been out there looking for new fishing spots, testing new equipment and trying to catch fish.  They were always trying to better themselves but more importantly, they just loved what they did.  It was obvious that they were exactly where they should be.  The third guy was nice.  He was knowledgeable, but it was obvious to us that he was just doing his job.  When the fish weren’t biting, the other two guides could tell stories about the region, share tales of their previous successes at the spot we were fishing at the time or explain why we were reeling in and heading to another spot.  The differences between the guides were very subtle and difficult to define, but they were there, and they were noticeable to us.  Whenever we had a chance, we picked one of the two passionate guides.

As a fitness professional, you are responsible for guiding your clients through their fitness journey.  These journeys may be in the form of improved fitness, weight loss, increased strength or mastery of a martial art.

Whatever fitness related business you are in; your passion for what you do is a key ingredient in competing in a crowded marketplace.  Here are three ways your passion makes a difference.

1. It drives you to become a leader in your niche 

When you love something, you immerse yourself in it.  It gives you the energy and desire to learn more and become a master of your trade.  As I described above, it’s sometimes hard to put your finger on the exact differences between an apprentice and a master, but it is noticeable to your clients if you are adding value or phoning it in to collect your fee.

2. It helps you get your clients through the ups and downs of training

Nobody sees results every week.  Your client might be struggling with a technique in martial arts.  Their lifts might not be improving, or their skin folds aren’t moving.  During these times, it is you experience and passion for what you do that will keep these clients training.  What are those intangible other things you are bringing to the table to motivate your client – is it a story about a similar plateau you’ve witnessed?  Is it a change-up in training that has worked for another client? These are the things that make a difference to your customers.  They are training with you because you are their guru.

3. Your passion is infectious to your clients

Passionate people are just more interesting.  The more your customers buy into what you are telling them, the more likely they are to see significant results through your training.  Share your passion and education for what your do with your clients and not only will they reap the benefits, they will be your strongest advocates and share their experiences with their friends and family.

Our own experience

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