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3 Sure-fire activities using your gym software to convert more members

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

SO SOMEONE HAS INQUIRED ABOUT JOINING YOUR GYM, STUDIO, BOX OR DOJO: Sometimes business is easy.  Someone inquires and signs up there on the spot and BOOM, you’ve got a new member.  If you’re solely relying on this method to convert leads to members, you might have an ok business depending on the number of leads you generate.  But the gold is in your follow-up process.  This is where the truly exceptional gyms separate themselves from the average.  Use the strategies below, together with your gym software, to convert more members and build a great fitness business.

1. Understand their motivation and book them in for a center tour (or free class or fitness assessment)

From the minute a lead hits your inbox, calls you or walks in to your gym you should have two goals in mind:  (1) Understand their motivation for inquiring and (2) Book them in for a tour (if you are a fitness center) or assessment session. Now let’s quick look at why…

Understand Their Motivation By understanding your potential client’s motivation (why they have taken this step to join your gym), you can better tailor your message as to how your fitness business can help them. Finding someone’s motivation means knowing how to ask and probe for the real reasons they are there. If you are tracking this information in your gym software, you can gain powerful insights about why potential customers are looking to attend your center, box or dojo. You can now start using the language they use to tailor your marketing messages in the future.

Book In A Tour By booking them in for a tour or 1 on 1 session, you can spend some time selling the benefits of your center without distraction.  You would be surprised at how many fitness businesses do not make this 15-30 minute slot available to leads to really communicate the unique benefits of their business.  You’ve worked hard to generate the lead, make sure you have the time to really sell them on your center.

2. Automate your follow-up process with emails that contain social proof or advice that demonstrates your value proposition

I’ve written about automation before. It is a vital ingredient in building a successful fitness business. And it’s easy.  Are you promising to re-shape, increase flexibility, improve well-being or create some form of community (obviously this list is not exhaustive)?  Sometimes these things aren’t easily communicated in a facility tour, and you may not end up making the sale on the first visit. That doesn’t mean you should give up on the lead though.  It may just mean that your potential customer needs a little more time to buy into your offering. So send them scheduled messages with testimonials, blog posts demonstrating how you’ve helped people in the past and offers for future conversion (like a voucher).

People are more likely to convert to your fitness business if you can prove to them that you will deliver on the outcome they are seeking.  Become their trusted advisor and demonstrate your results through testimonials and sound advice. After their initial inquiry, add an automated workflow to their account that send them emails over time to ensure your business remains at the top of their mind and positions you as the ideal choice when they are ready to start their fitness journey.

 3. Call your lost leads to find out why they didn’t sign up

Every lead should have a status.  These might include: initial call, booked for tour, not interested yet, interested in 2 months, etc.  For leads that didn’t progress to a membership, you should try and find out the reason they didn’t take that final step. You can gain powerful insights by reviewing your conversion process and identifying trends for those leads that didn’t become members.  This is as important as finding out why they inquired with you in the first place, but is one of the most overlooked aspects in most fitness businesses. Finding out why someone does NOT sign up provides you with a critical feedback loop that will help you improve your process and avoid losing these valuable leads in the future. Were they intimidated or embarrassed because of their fitness level?  Did they doubt they could complete a session?  Could they not envision themselves becoming a Black Belt in your dojo?  Over the course of a year, you may start seeing groups of similar reasons, these are opportunities to review your onboarding process.  Is there a better way to help these people take the first step? Can we show them the pathway to their fitness goals?  Can we pair them with someone who achieved their wellness goal that started in a similar position as them?


Some businesses are lucky.  They might be in a great location or have some other natural advantage that means they don’t need to work as hard to grow their businesses.  For the rest of us, we need to be reviewing these one-percenters that make a material difference over time.  If you can convert an extra 10 enquiries per month using these strategies, what is the difference to your business in a year? Or in two years? What are your high converting activities?   How do you get new members? We’d love to hear them!

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