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5 Tips for using Facebook & Instagram to get new members

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

As an affiliate box or personal training studio owner, you’€™re always looking for new members, right? In days past, capturing new members often meant leaving a paper trail of marketing materials across town and implementing costly advertising media, such as radio commercials and billboards. While you can still do all of these things, social marketing has revolutionized the way affiliate boxes and personal training studios are getting new members. When someone likes your pages, comments on a post or shares an image, your brand is being presented to the friends of that person.  How good is that?

One of the key things to remember in the fitness industry is that your business is visual by nature.  You are promoting a healthy lifestyle and imagery is a great way of communicating what your unique fitness business is all about. And, there are no better or more popular platforms than Facebook and Instagram for showing off pictures of your gym, members or other health-related images.

No matter whether you are just starting out or have been using social media for a while, here are five things to review as part of your marketing checklist.



Step 1: Create a Winning Profile

When it comes to using Facebook and Instagram to get more members, you’€™ll need to start by creating a solid profile. Include your contact information, website, and anything else that will be pertinent for your followers. Use the best shots of your gym, box or studio as part of your profile. Make it something your customer base can relate to or even better, aspire to.

Step 2: Brand your Social Media

When you’€™re posting something, make sure it reinforces what you stand for as a business and the promise you are making to prospective customers.  If you are posting images, make sure they reflect your business and where possible contain your branding.  This could be in the form of a logo watermark or even a picture frame border of you club’s colors.  

Step 3: Be Helpful and Entertaining

Post information that your audience is going to learn from, but then step away from the serious side to entertain your followers with some humor. Remember, your business is very visual, so yes, provide great tips but also post and share pictures that help show what you are all about and engage your followers.

Step 4: Stay Consistent

If you are missing-in-action from Facebook or Instagram for a week, people will start to either A) wonder where you are or B) forget about you. Neither of these is desirable, so keep posting regularly!

Step 5: Respond quickly and thoughtfully

When people follow you or comment on a post, make an effort to connect with them by following them or acknowledging their post. Answer questions as quickly as possible, and always be courteous!


Make Facebook and Instagram important parts of your Marketing Plan

Using these five tips, you can successfully grow your affiliate box or personal training business with Instagram and Facebook!


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