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Clubworx Future Features Update – Custom Reports!

By clubworx | Aug 14, 2015

We’€™re excited because we know this new feature is going to totally change the way you use Clubworx…..Interested?

Introducing Clubworx Custom Reports

Clubworx Reports Preview.png

How Do Reports Work?

With these new reports, you will get deeper insights into your prospects and members, their payments, memberships, attendance levels/trends and more!

Simple Filter Function

Check the categories and information you want to include in the report. Your report builder will show you your results live so you know if you’€™ve got the appropriate filters or not.


Clubworx Reports simple filtering Preview.png

Save Your Favourite Reports To Run Anytime

Create and save your frequently used reports to make regular reporting quick and easy. As the owner or manager of your business, you need to know these numbers to grow your business!

Clubworx Reports List Preview.png

Lock Down Reports

Set your reports to either public or private so that only the right people see the right information.

Clubworx Reports Public Private Preview.png

Custom Tags

Create custom tags for your reports to categorise them and make it easy to find the right reports when you need them.


Clubworx Reports Tags Preview.png

Why Are Custom Reports So Important?

Your member management system is only as useful as the information you can get out of them. As you know, Clubworx is super flexible and allows you to record lots of useful information. Our powerful custom reports are the key to unlocking this information and the valuable business insights that live within it.

What Now?

If you’€™re already using Clubworx, unfortunately, you’€™ll just have to sit tight for now, the planned release date is mid-June, but we’ll notify you as soon as these are available and ready to use.

Not using Clubworx yet but just realised that you think you’d like to? No problem – you can start right now!

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