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Clubworx Product Update – Your New Dashboard Is Here!

By clubworx | May 07, 2016

Clubworx dashboard interface

We are always working on ways to make your experience with Clubworx even better. We figure that we can do this for you in two ways. We can allow you the flexibility to collect exactly the information you wish for with our highly customizable contact forms AND we can try to display that information about your prospects and members back to you in more and more meaningful ways.

Your beautiful new dashboards, which you will see when you first log into your account, are designed to bring you more useful and active information about your prospects and members. This is so that you can easily see how your business is performing month to month and better manage it on a day to day basis. Keep reading below for more in depth information on what each new dash is designed to do for you. 

Members Dash

member dash

Your members dash shows you the number of Active Members you have right now. So to be clear, if a member has a status other than Active (cancelled or suspended) they will not be represented in this total figure here. This report is a cumulative graph that shows how your membership base has grown or fluctuated over time. The graph also shows you the variance as a percentage from last month to give you instant feedback on whether you have grown or churned members since the previous month.

You’ll see down the right-hand side we’ve broken out some figures around how many new members you’ve achieved just this week and month as well as flagging the number of cancellations to keep these top of mind.

Recent Activity Dash

Recent Activity

By now, you’re probably familiar with your member/prospect activity streams, which display on their profile pages. Now on your dashboard, you have a business-wide view of actions across all prospects and members. This gives you a useful top-down view of what’s going on. You can filter this list by type of activity to drill down into areas of interest including Payments, bookings, attendances, communications (Emails/SMS) and more. Click through to view a fuller list and search for activities by selecting a specific date range!

Recent Activity 2

Financials Dash

financial dash

You now have two main financial reports, Total Revenue, and Monthly Recurring Revenue:

1. The Total Revenue graph shows the current total revenue scheduled and collected for the calendar month. The figure for the month includes sales made via POS and membership payments as well. Basically any and all payments. In the future, you will be able to click-through on this report to see a comprehensive breakdown of these payments as well.

2. The Monthly Recurring Revenue graph only shows payments that are a part of a recurring schedule (ie, any recurring memberships you have added to your members). Please note, this does not include memberships that have just a single payment (ie, Class or training packs), or any product sales through POS.

Recurring revenue is often to the lifeblood of many studios, and this graph allows you to see instantly if your memberships are up or down from the previous month, acting as a valuable flag for action if required. In the future, Clubworx will provide a click-through report that will provide even more insights around your recurring revenue.

Attendance Dash

attendance dash

Your attendance dash is an awesome to-the-minute report on how many members have attended your classes or sessions so far today. It also flags if there are members that have been missing over the last 30 days. These are fairly self explainatory, but below are just brief descriptions

Right Now (in session) – Is a tally of members who have checked in to a class (or have been marked as attended) that is currently on at the time of viewing the dash.

Today (so far) – Is a tally of members who have checked in to a class (or have been marked as attended) over the current day, up to the time of viewing the dash.

Absent (Last 30 days) – This is a tally of any members who have not checked into any classes or have only been marked as absent in the last 30 days.

In the future, Clubworx fitness software will provide a click through report, which details who these students are. In the interim, you can always click on the respective classes in the What’s on today dash below to view who has attended the classes. 

That’s all for now.  We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as the dashboard enhancements are released over the coming weeks!

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