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How to Create Lead Funnels Using Zapier & Clubworx

By clubworx | Mar 22, 2018

We’ve already talked about the importance of lead generation for fitness clubs, but how exactly do you implement this within your Clubworx fitness management software?

The lead generation process is made so much simpler for you thanks to Clubworx. Any leads generated through your landing page or Facebook leads ad will automatically be collected and stored in the Clubworx CRM. You can then access this information at any time and utilise additional tools to further push people through your lead funnel.

So how is this possible? You can achieve all this and more and create a stellar lead funnel with the help of Zapier.


About Lead Funnels

A lead funnel is all about getting leads, nurturing them and then turning those leads into customers. Every business needs a reliable lead generation program in place, and by combining the power and functionality of Clubworx and Zapier, you’ll be running a lead generation machine in no time.

For more in-depth details and a comprehensive step-by-step guide on implementing the entire sales process with Clubworx, read How to Build & Execute a Sales Process in Clubworx’


What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to integrate a huge range of 3rd party applications into your Clubworx system to build powerful integration workflows. Within Zapier a set of ‘zaps’ can be implemented with your Clubworx software to make your lead generation and nurturing process so much easier.


Connect Clubworx with Zapier for Each Lead Funnel Stage

There are three key stages of the lead funnel process where Zapier can be utilised – generating leads, promoting to prospects and retaining members.

To connect any compatible programs with Clubworx, simply head to, click ‘make a zap’, search for the zap you would like to access and follow the remaining on-screen prompts to integrate your chosen lead funnel tool with Clubworx.

An example detailing how to follow this process for a Facebook Lead Ad can be found in ‘How to Build & Execute a Sales Process in Clubworx’.

So what zaps can you pair with Clubworx to help with your lead funnel process? Read on to find out how you can make the most of Zapier.



Generating Leads

One of the most effective ways to generate leads online is by creating a landing page and driving traffic to it. A number of zaps can be used to collect these leads and input them directly into Clubworx.

123 Form Builder – With Zapier you can add 123 Form Builder submissions to Clubworx as prospects. A form should always be included on a landing page to gain contact information from your leads. This web form builder allows you to create a form that suits your needs which can be filled out by prospects on your landing page. Once the form is filled out, their details will show up in Clubworx.

Typeform – With Zapier you can add Typeform entries to Clubworx as prospects. Just like 123 Form Builder, Typeform offers online form building as well as online surveys. The data entered is then seamlessly transferred over to Clubworx for you to access and use as you wish.

Facebook – Facebook ads is one of the best ways to direct leads to your landing page. With Zapier you can add new leads from Facebook lead ads to Clubworx as prospects. To do this, go onto to create a zap between Facebook lead ads and Clubworx. Once it’s all set up, when anyone opts in for your Facebook lead ad, they’ll automatically get imported into Clubworx as a prospect.



Once you obtain prospects, the next thing you need to do is to convert them into members. Zapier has a number of zaps you can use to help with this.

MailChimp – With Zapier, it is possible to automatically include new Clubowrx prospects into your MailChimp email list as subscribers. Once these prospects are in the system, you can then promote to them further as part of an email subscription.

Constant Contact – New Clubworx prospects can be added to Constant Contact which implements powerful email marketing to deliver great looking emails. Constant Contact is an industry-leading email editor that’s in direct competition with MailChimp, so if you’re yet to employ an email marketing tool, Constant Contact is another worthwhile contender.

Google Sheets – Once you’ve gathered new prospects in Clubworx, you may want to access tools to keep your prospects list organised. With Zapier you can instantly transfer your new prospects over to Google Sheets – an easy to use online spreadsheet tool.

SendPulse – With Zapier you can subscribe new Clubworx prospects to SendPulse. SendPulse helps to increase your email, SMS, web push and SMTP open rates with artificial intelligence, hyper-personalisation and predictive analysis. Once your prospects are subscribed to SendPulse, you can expect your audience to receive tailored messages that are more likely to convert your prospects into customers.



So, you have converted prospects into members, but to make the whole onboarding process worthwhile, it really pays to put measures in place to help retain your members long term. Some of these zaps can help with this.

MailChimp – With Zapier, new Clubworx members can be added to MailChimp as subscribers. That way, all members will automatically receive regular emails from your gym or fitness club filled with helpful information and advice. This will help to nurture your current members further and provide added value to their membership.

SendPulse – SendPulse is just as relevant for current members as it is for prospects. Add Clubworx members to SendPulse as subscribers and instantly give your members content that’s valuable to them across multiple platforms with integrated optimisation.

Slack – Send Slack notifications for new Clubworx members. Slack is a new social tool your gym can consider to help maintain retention and generate a sense of community within your club. By taking advantage of Zapier you can send relevant Slack notifications from Clubworx to members who have access to your gym-specific slack group.

Google Sheets – Add new Clubworx members to Google Sheets as rows with Zapier. A spreadsheet is always handy to have when keeping track of your members. Having details for all your members in a single spreadsheet helps you gain a better understanding of your members and allows you to keep track of member numbers overall.

Need help using Zapier to create effective lead funnels for your gym? We want to make sure you are harnessing the full capabilities of Clubworx, so we’re more than happy to walk you through the process and provide advice.

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