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Find Out What Successful Fitness Businesses Do To Improve Cash Flow!

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

Many gyms, particularly smaller gyms, collect cash from clients over the counter for individual sessions, or they may manually take credit card payments when they first get started.

Other gyms offer memberships that can be paid for upfront. The trouble with this approach is that the memberships typically need to be resold or renewed over and over, increasing the risk of attrition if your clients decide to take their business elsewhere.

If you’ve ever been to a larger commercial gym you’ll typically see that they offer memberships which are paid for on an automated weekly or monthly basis through recurring payments via a direct debit or ACH provider.

By automating the way your customers pay for their memberships you will be able to keep gym members longer and improve cash flow. Here’s how automated payments can make your customers super happy and actually make your life better and your business stronger:

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