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3 Reasons Automation is Vital to the Survival of your Fitness Business

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

Warning! If you are currently using paper records, or Excel to manage your PT Studio, Affiliate Box or Martial Arts School…the following article may be uncomfortable to read.

Fact: Paper files and spreadsheets do not a successful business make. They are short term, unscalable solutions. And just really annyoying right? More to the point, they can often hide underlying weaknesses within your business, which could be undermining your efforts to grow and succeed.

The good news is, it’s easier than you imagine to avoid this situation all together. All you need to do is implement a reliable system to consolidate and properly track all aspects of your business. There are many systems out there that are designed to expose the strengths and weaknesses of your fitness business and allow you to detour around avoidable losses.

One of the most common losses we see among business without a system is revenue leakage. This is money you are NOT receiving because your current tracking mechanisms are inadequate.

What is the one great thing you do in your fitness business?

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last couple of months in San Sebastian, Spain. As well as being a beautiful part of the world, San Sebastian is famous for its Pintxos Bars. They are everywhere in the old town of San Sebastian. The thing about these Pintxos Bars is that you often go to one bar which is famous for its pork dish and another bar for its mushrooms or another bar for its dessert. You get the idea.

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