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What Your Website Says about Your PT Studio

By clubworx | Aug 14, 2015

Your website is your greatest and most prolific salesman. Because he can’t talk, he has to rely completely on his looks and content to get by. If he’s pretty but doesn’t have enough relevant or helpful content, your site visitors will see him for the shallow salesman he is. If he has lots of great content but is difficult to figure out, your visitors will get bored and move on to one of your competitors. Take a look at your website; if it has any of these characteristics, it might be saying the wrong thing about your business, and that might be the reason you’re not seeing the numbers you want in your personal trainer software.

Not Enough Information Says You’re Not Trustworthy

If your website lacks contact information, hours of operation, a map that shows your PT Studio’s location, what types of payment you accept, and testimonials, you won’t look like a legitimate business. Prospects shouldn’t have to contact you to find out when you’re open or even to sign up for a membership. Legit businesses have all of that information and capability right on the website.

Difficult Navigation Makes You Look behind the Times

Today’s consumer expects a website that is easy to navigate. Sure, the average millennial is more likely to take a little time and click around a website in order to find the info they need, but if your site is so difficult to navigate that the user is tied up in webs trying to find your location, they’ll probably go to a gym whose website is more straightforward. Having a website that is difficult to explore makes you look like you couldn’t or didn’t want to pay for a professional design and builder—and that, again, makes you look untrustworthy.

Poor Quality Content Says Your Business Is Failing

There are plenty of ways you can get relevant, well-written content inexpensively. If you are not a writer or simply don’t have the time to write the content for your webpage, outsource it to someone who can write or does have the time.

Videos or Animation that Play Automatically Look Aggressive

The only websites today that use auto-play videos or animation are those single-page scam sales web pages. It is a very aggressive tactic and your site visitors are more likely to click away when the video starts playing than they are to stay and watch it.

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