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Why don’t we set goals for our Fitness Business?

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

3 questions you should have answers for!

  1. Where are we today?
  2. Where do we want to be in the future?
  3. How are we going to get there?

No matter what business you are in, whether it be an Affiliate Box, a Martial Arts Studio or Fitness Centre, the answers to these three questions should be documented somewhere.  They are fundamental to setting and tracking the direction of your fitness business.

It is amazing how many fitness businesses we speak to don’t have this simple business plan. They are too busy or think it will take too much time to develop a plan.  With that in mind, we have built a little app for you to use.  You don’t need to have the Clubworx fitness software to use this.  It is free to use as many times as you like.

We do have two requests though:

  1. Please share the link with other fitness businesses, and
  2. Send us a quick email with feedback on where you would like us to improve the app moving forward

It is a quick and easy way to document how you are going to achieve your goals with minimum fuss.  You will be emailed the plan on a page.

You should use this planning app in conjunction with a budget.  We have a great little template for you to use here.

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