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Your Fitness Business Needs to Automate these 5 processes to Grow!

By clubworx | Aug 17, 2015

Common frustrations of a fitness business owner or manager:

At some point in your business journey, you are likely to experience one of these common frustrations within your fitness club, studio or affiliate box.

  1. You’re not getting an equal financial return from your effort,
  2. You’re not enjoying the journey, or
  3. The day-to-day operation of your business is clunky and efficient.

We all feel these frustrations from time to time.  The key is to develop smart systems that you can automate to feed your businesses’ growth engine.  Imagine being able to:

  • Sign up new members without manual intervention,
  • Consolidate all member related information in a single location for you and your staff to action,
  • Reach out to 1000 members as easily (and at the same cost) as reaching out to one, and
  • Identifying top clients so you can market higher-level packages to them.

Here are the five business systems your NEED to automate to free yourself from these frustrations and grow the business you have always wanted.

1. Function One: Marketing System

You need a system that is working 24 x 7 to help you get more members through the door.  Have you developed an attractive, professional, and sales specific website?  Is it linked to your social media? If not, you are selling your business short.

2. Function Two: Selling System

You need to have a well designed and automated system for converting prospects into members.  Are your follow-up emails well drafted and proven to convert?

3. Function Three: Delivery System

You’ll need to effortlessly set up members and manage plans, and be notified automatically when there’s an issue or when an up-sell opportunity becomes available.

4. Function Four: Payment System

It is essential to the survival, and ultimate growth, of your business that you have a system that automatically collects and keeps track of your payments.

5. Function Five: Retention System

You’ll need to know when plans are finishing and clients haven’t been to your business in a a while.



Automation and Integration!

It is one thing to automate these functions; it is an altogether and more powerful thing to ensure these functions are integrated.  That is where we can help you.  ClubWorx helps you create and automate these processes in our simple and easy to use gym software.

Pick up the phone and let us start helping you today.


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