Adding Styles & Ranks

Adding Styles and ranks means defining the styles that you teach (ie, Karate, BJJ, Hapkido etc) and the progression of ranks within each style. There is no limit to the number of styles you can add or the number of ranks you can include in each.

To add a style, click on the green ADMIN button in the top right of your account and select Styles & Ranks.


NOTE: If you cannot see this option please contact Clubworx on as you may need this module switched on.

Next click on ADD and you’ll be able to name your style and begin adding the ranks within that style.

You’ll notice that the first rank does not have a condition by default. You will be required to set a condition for grading for every rank you add (except for the first). Below are some examples of commonly used conditions for grading to help you with setting this up.

1.Student must complete a minimum number of classes since last promotion

If you require your students to have completed a number of classes since their last promotion, to be eligible for their next grading, you will want to set your conditions so they read as follows:

Example. The Student must complete at least 15 classes since their last promotion.


2. Students must have been enrolled for a minimum amount of time since their last promotion

If you would simply like to set the condition for grading as an amount of time that has passed since their last grading, then you can set the condition for grading on your ranks as below.


3. Using a combination of classes completed and time passed since their last grading

If you require your students to complete a certain number of classes, but also to have spent a minimum amount of time since their last grading, then you can include both filters on the rank when you create it, as below.


4. Don’t need these? 

If you don’t really want to set a particular condition for grading, that’s ok, but you’ll need to add a ‘placeholder’ setting for each condition. Please use the following:


What if my students have multiple styles that they are training in?

Simply define each style and the rank progression within it. You will be able to assign as many different styles to your students as they study. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 10 different styles, you can assign it to the student and Clubworx can track their progress through each style easily. Click here to read more about how to assign current ranks to your students.