Building a Custom Report

Let’s build a Proactive Retention Report as an example.

Step 1: Select Reports from your main navigation and then click the orange +Add Report button.  

Step 2: Name the report – Proactive Retention Report.  You can choose to add a tag at this stage.  A tag is like a filing system. In the future, you might want to see all reports with the tag retention.  

Step 3: If the report is for you use only, check the Private report checkbox.  However, if you want the rest of your team to see this report, leave the box unchecked. In this example, we are leaving the box unchecked so our team has access to the information.


Step 4: The next thing is to tick the information we want to see in our report.  In this report, I want some key information.  Name, created date, number of attendances, payment information and the last time they were contacted (so I’m not sending too many emails).  No there will be no information in the report until I click Save, so let’s do that.  As the image below shows, we can see some information.  On this screen, you can extend the number of records presented to 100 (by clicking on the orange links) and also click on the headings to sort the report.  You can also clone the report or export is to csv (so you can analyse it excel).  We are going to edit the report now and add a filter to narrow down the number of students in the report who haven’t attended at all in the past 7 days.


Step 5: Click Edit. We are going to work in the Filters Applied box now. Click in the section box.  We’ve selected attendance because it is the element of the report we want to dive into further.  The section will name update to reflect options available for this information.  We’ve selected Attendances (Last 7 Days) is 0 as the remainder of the filter. this will return all contacts who have not attended in the last 7 days.  The problem with this of course is, some of those records are no longer students, so we need to add another filter.  I’ve added another stats that refines the search to only include Active members.