How does my Student Access the Member Portal?

It is really simple to issue a portal login.

Step 1: Once you have the member’s portal feature turned on in your Clubworx account, you will see this section within your students’ contact profiles.


Step 2:We recommend using the Send Member Details link as the most efficient way of issuing these details.  When you click this link, you will see this email pop us.  Click the Send Email button.


Step 3: Once your member receives this email, they will click on their individual link and will be asked to type in their PIN. Important: Every member link is unique and secured with a 4-digit PIN so it is extremely easy to use on mobile.  You cannot send the link for one member to another.


Step 4: Once your member has logged in, they can navigate around their booking and membership options as well as their current rank and last grading date.

img_3899         img_3900          img_3902

If you would like more information about the mobile member portal, please contact We recommend you try it out for yourself by adding your details as a member and logging in form your phone.