Managing Failed Payments

You will need to reschedule failed payments from your Clubworx account. You can do this easily from the payments tab, where you can view a business-wide view of your payments. You can then follow the steps below to view your failed payments for a specific period. 

  1. Filter to a specific date range using the ‘from’ and ‘to’ date pickers at the top left of the payment list.
  2. Next use the green payment status toggles at the top of the list to filter down to just FAILED payments.
  3.  You can reschedule these individually by clicking on the calendar icon near the payment due date, or in bulk by selecting the check boxes along the left hand side of the list. 

Once you’ve rescheduled a payment into the future, the status of those payments will automatically be set to Upcoming and will be reattempted on that new date.