New POS Sale

The POS screen has been designed to quickly add products to a sale.  On the left-hand side is a live receipt of the sale and on the right-hand side is a list of your products.


Step 1: Click on the product you want to add to the sale.  You will see it appear in the left-hand column.  If you want to increase the quantity being sold (say for example you want to ring up two Gatorades), click on the item on the left and you will be presented with the screen below that gives you the option to either remove the product from the sale or increase the quantity.  In the case, we’re selling two Gatorades.


Step 2: If the person purchasing the goods is a member, add their name to the sale.  This is really useful for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the receipt will be emailed to them.  When it comes time for them to pay, you will be able to utilise the “Add to Direct Debit” option.  If your member has a credit card or bank account linked to their membership, the payment will simply be taken from that card.  You will still have the option to either take cash or have them pay through your POS machine.

Step 3: Click the Pay Now button.  Below is a description of each of your options:

(a) Cash – Use this option if the customer is handing over cash.  Enter the amount tendered.  For example, if they owe you $25 and they have given you $30, enter $30 into the amount tendered.  If the amount given to you is more than the sale amount, Clubworx will calculate the change for you.

(b) POS – If they are paying through a POS terminal, select the POS option.  Enter the amount into your machine and if the payment is successful, click the mark as paid option.

(c) Direct Debit – This option will only appear if the member selected has a payment method attached to their membership.  By selecting this option, we will charge the account on files on the day you nominate.

Other tips and tricks:

  • If you the person you are selling to is not in the Clubworx system as a prospect or member, you can simply add their email at the time of payment and a receipt will be sent to them.
  • You can void a sale by clicking the Void button.  If your customer does not have a way to pay, this clears the sales.
  • You can Park a sale which means you can continue it later.  For example, a client might need to get some money and rather than void the sale because you need to change screens, you can Park the sale and come back to it.
  • You can add discounts to individual line items within the sale by clicking on the item in the left-hand column. Discounts will be added as either a dollar amount or percentage.  In the top right corner, we have a calculation in orange showing you the impact of the discount.
  • To exit the POS Sale screen, click the Exit button on the top right corner.