Sending bulk communications using report

To get started, click on the Messages link on the top menu and you’ll be taken to the New Bulk Message page.  

Step 1: The first step is to select your recipients.  There are two ways to do this.  The first is to manually search and select individual recipients. This is fine if you are communicating to a couple of contacts.  However, if you are emailing more than 10 people and it is a regular process we suggest developing a report to create you recipients, that way it can be applied over and over again! In the example below, we started typing Pro and the following reports came up, we are selecting the Proactive Retention Report.  Once you select it, you will see that it gives you the number of contacts that meet the criteria of the report.  A little further on in the process, you’ll see all the attendees and can choose to either include or exclude them before sending the email or SMS.


Step 2: Write or select your email template.  We’ve selected one of our previously developed templates.  The key thing to remember when you are sending our bulk communications is to use the merge tags.  Almost all of your emails should be using the contact-first-name tag.  Do not put individual names in your email copy.  


 Step 3: Confirm Recipients & Send.  Click on the Next button on the bottom right of Clubworx.  You will then be taken to a screen showing your email and the recipients generated by the report.  Simply uncheck anyone on that list you do not want to send the email to prior to clicking the Send Emails button.