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The Secret to a Successful Martial Arts Business

Most studio owners understand that martial arts school management software is an essential part of running a successful fitness business. Finding the right martial arts software Australia wide can help you save time, keep track of cash-flow so you’re never caught out, help you monitor attendance and identify useful trends in your business (so you can grow fast).

However, some other software brands have complicated this process. Their software can be difficult to use, and you’re often charged for features you simply don’t need. At Clubworx, we pride ourselves on offering a simple to use platform packed full of features that can be customised to suit your specific business needs.

Clubworx is easy-to-use and designed to help you spend less time on admin, and more time in areas you really enjoy – whether that’s training students one-on-one or working directly on areas of the business that drive profits. Clubworx will save you time and hassle so you can get back to business!

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Effortless Integrated Payment System and Mobile Member Portal

Accepting payment from your members couldn’t be easier with Clubworx. Process all check and credit card payments for your members all in one place thanks to our member payment system that’s fully integrated with Ezidebit.

Our system will collect bank details, provide valid direct debit and allow payees to provide a digital signature – giving your studio more authority. Our comprehensive payment system is so easy to use, and it’s run entirely through your Clubworx account.

We also have a convenient mobile member portal that can be made available to all members, allowing them to access and change their membership details and book into classes on their mobile.

By streamlining payments and member access, your job becomes easier while also giving your members the convenience and flexibility they crave.

Clubworx Makes It Easier to Manage Your Martial Arts Studio

We know there are other martial arts systems out there, however, we believe that Clubworx is the best and easiest to use on the market. Our dojo management software is simple, functional and powerful giving you the flexibility to add and remove features as you wish.

No need to pay for expensive software filled with features you will never use. At Clubworx, only pay for the features you use and nothing more! Only add and pay for extra features when you need them as your business grows.

Take a free 15-day trial today and you’ll unlock a powerful, studio-building system, with everything you need to run a thriving and profitable dojo.

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How Clubworx Can Benefit Your Martial Arts Studio


Create regular and predictable cash-flow through our automated payment system – Clubworx can be integrated with your payment processes for simple, and easy, set-and-forget billing. Process credit card or check payments from members with ease with automated payments run directly through your Clubworx account. No need to switch between different systems any longer when you need to process a payment. All payments processed through Clubworx are powered by Ezidebit.


Manage and track the performance of your students Manage the rankings and ratings of everyone in your class by collating and entering valuable fitness data into our software. The Clubworx system can also store grading and student assessments so you can keep track of every student’s progress with ease.


Track and grow your membership with detailed record-keeping tools – Record everything you need to know to drive business growth and strengthen the studio member relationship. Optional data like demographics and contact information can be used in future marketing campaigns for cost effective advertising and ensures you invest in recruiting long-term, lucrative clients.


Stay in touch with members and build relationships with email and SMS – Easily create and share email and SMS templates to your members and prospects. This is an excellent way to improve customer retention. With a few clicks you can send a bulk email or message to all of your students, communicate special offers, discounts, and reach one-off clients you thought you’d lost.



Increase student retention with the attendance monitoring function – Clubworx allows you to monitor all student attendance levels at a glance. It makes it easy for you to identify and reach out to struggling students, and prevent them from leaving your studio from a lack of encouragement or frustration. It’s also a handy way to keep an eye on your short and long-term cash-flow and ensure your business always stays profitable.


Attract your perfect customer and reduce web costs with a branded, custom website – Every Clubworx membership comes with a powerful and easy-to-use website designed to help you market your business with ease. It is fully integrated with your account and allows you to customize your website to target your perfect customer.


Give members the convenience of booking classes online – Members can find and book classes online directly through your site thanks to the integrated and user-friendly class timetable that can be applied to your website with ease.


Plan your growth with powerful business insights and analysis – With in-depth reporting you are able to analyse your business and make future projections about earnings, student attendance, and any debts owed to you. If you dream of building your studio into a lucrative, thriving business, Clubworx’s insights can help you get there faster than you thought possible.


Easy management transfer from old software – No need to worry about losing member data when making the switch. When you choose Clubworx, we will move members from your old karate management software into the new one as part of our initial migration service.


Customer support – If you ever need help or have any questions about your new martial arts software Australia wide, contact us via phone or email for support. We’re available to help every day during and after business hours.

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Testimonials - Clubworx



Jindokai Karate-Do (Salisbury, South Australia)

"I have used other systems; this one consolidates all services - correspondence, accounting & a'tendance"

Jindokai Karate-Do (Salisbury, South Australia)

Northside Martial Arts (Wavell Heights, Queensland)

"Easy to setup and use software that give more expensive products a run for their money!"

Northside Martial Arts (Wavell Heights, Queensland)

Empty Hand Martial Arts (Perth, South Australia)

"We reviewed many software solutions for our Karate business and Clubworx…. was the easiest to use and most flexible"

Empty Hand Martial Arts (Perth, South Australia)


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Simple Software To Grow Your Martial Arts Studio

With the right martial arts school software in place, a martial arts gym can be a profitable and enjoyable business. And Clubworx has helped hundreds of studio owners and managers become successful martial arts entrepreneurs.

We think you’ll love how Clubworx simplifies your business and adds dozens of new customers to your studio by helping you focus on what really matters – profit and student satisfaction.

To take a step towards a more profitable and stress-free business with Clubworx today, click here to start your free trial or fill in the form below for a free consultation.

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