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Improve Your Business Processes with Reliable Gym & PT Software

Too many gyms and PT studio owners are forced to deal with clunky, poorly designed management software that’s hard to use or doesn’t have the features they need to expand and grow their business. This can result in huge setbacks for your business success because you don’t have enough time to spend on the areas of your business that matter most.

Don’t put up with inefficient gym and PT software any longer!

At Clubworx, our gym and personal training software has everything you need and more in one simple, easy-to-use system. Plus, it’s also fully customisable – giving you the flexibility to only pay for what you use.

You can streamline your business processes all in one place from marketing, selling and delivery to retention and payment processing so that you can get back to doing what you love. With simplified business processes in place thanks to Clubworx, daily tasks can be handled more efficiently and you will have more control over your business overall.

Retain valuable clients and grow your business without all the blood, sweat and tears.

If you’re wasting too much time doing mundane administrative tasks, managing your membership base and processing payments, turn to Clubworx and discover why we’re the best choice for gym owners and personal trainers across the UK.

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Easy Payment Processing and Membership Sign-Up

Signing up and paying for classes could not be easier with Clubworx.

Clubworx is powered by the trusted payment provider Stripe to deliver a reliable and user-friendly automated payment feature where card and bank account details can be stored securely, and recurring credit card and check payments can be set up quickly and easily.

You also have access to fully customisable online waivers and smart forms to create a seamless online sign-up process direct from your website. With payments and sign-ups fully integrated with our gym management software, everything you need is right here, all in one place.

Give your Members Complete Access and Control over their Membership

Give your PT studio and gym members complete access and control over their membership with our mobile member portal. This application gives every member access to their account on their mobile phone, giving them the ability to view and change their account details and book in classes!

Every member has the flexibility to upgrade their membership and add new members to their account when their payment details are also on file. The convenience and control your members receive will provide an immeasurable amount of added value to their overall membership package.

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Clubworx Gym & PT Software Benefits


Fully Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use System

Have the flexibility to tailor your gym and PT business effortlessly with Clubworx. Be empowered to continue building your dream business by streamlining processes that would usually hold you back.

Manage all aspects of your business in one place such as timetables, appointments, prospect and client management, flexible payment plan creation and more. With easy drag and drop features that can make any administration task a breeze, you will have more time to focus on helping your clients and improving other areas of your business.

You can even customise the Clubworx platform as you wish without having to pay any additional fees or charges.


Automatic Online Payments to Process Payments with Ease 

Start making money quickly and easily thanks to our automatic payment process powered by the trusted payment gateway Stripe. Clubworx can accept and manage bank account and credit card payments automatically without any hassles, with details remaining secure and accessible all in one place.

When you have a seamless automatic payment process in place where members can make payments instantly online, you can generate revenue in less time with minimal hassle and provide more convenience to your members.

You even have a mobile point of sale option to give your clients another way to pay for your services.


Smart Forms & Waivers for Simple Online Sign-Up

Our streamlined registration process makes it easier than ever for new members to sign up for your PT studio or gym. Give new members the ability to sign up through your website instantly with smart forms and waivers that you can tailor to include terms and conditions and your own branding.

The sign-up feature is also integrated with our automatic online payment process so that bank details, credit cards, and debit cards can be accepted, processed and stored securely as part of the sign-up process. Not only is this much more convenient for your clients but it also makes payment processing and member management a breeze for you.


Keep Track of Your Members with Gym Attendance Management & Tracking

Vital information about your members can be tracked and recorded with ease thanks to Clubworx. You can identify membership trends and see first-hand if a member is dropping off classes, allowing you to help them out before they drop their membership completely.

The type of information our gym and personal training software can collect includes fitness tests, contact information, demographics, membership information, exercise programs, diets and more. This data can help you tailor your service better based on these trends.


Share Promotions and Offers with Email & SMS Communication

Connect with members and prospects via email and SMS with messages that can be personalised by you and sent out in bulk to targeted audiences. Create professional and consistent marketing emails that will entice new members to join and boost retention for existing members, or share quick and informative SMS messages direct to their mobile phones to keep them informed.

With efficient and scalable SMS and email marketing, you have the ability to connect with your members directly with marketing materials that benefits them.


Customisable Website that Completely Integrates

Receive a brand new fully functional website that looks professional and is guaranteed to attract new clients with your Clubworx fitness trainer software package. Your new tailored website can be created to suit your business specifically – saving you time and money on website design.

A contact us form, online calendar and other back-office databases can be included in your site and members can sign up for classes through your new website with ease. If you already have your own website, Clubworx can also be integrated seamlessly with your current site with no hassle!


Discover Your Business Strengths with Powerful Business Insights and Analysis

Track your business growth with powerful insights and analysis about your gym or PT studio. Our comprehensive reports give you a complete overview of how your business is progressing, allowing you to project earnings and student attendance at a glance. All reports can also be tailored to give you the specific data you need.


Only Pay for Features You Use

Don’t put up with rigid software that’s either too hard to use or far too simple for your complex business. At Clubworx, realise the difference a fully customisable, easy-to-use software platform can make to your business. Select the features you need and only pay for what you use. When your business begins to grow, you have the flexibility to upgrade your features at any time.


Completely Transparent Payment Plan

Know exactly what you’re expected to pay with a simple and affordable monthly fee. There are no hidden costs or set up fees. There is also no lock in contracts and you have the freedom to cancel at any time. The price you see is what you get. See our pricing plan below for full details on what you can expect to receive as part of our three Clubworx packages.


Full Customer Support 

We provide a full customer support service to all gyms and PT studios across the UK via phone on (03) 455 046 256 or email at Our operating hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

If you’re moving from an old management software platform, we can also provide an initial migration service when you make the switch to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.


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Fast-track your success, simplify your work and multiply your profits!

Choose between three flexible gym and personal training online software packages to suit all business sizes and enjoy the flexibility to pay yearly or monthly.

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Free SMS per month 50 100 250 500
Number of Prospects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of User/Staff Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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Email & Phone Support -
Smart Contracts and Online Waivers for online registrations - -
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Mobile Member Portal - -
Sequences - - -

Choose UK Gym & Personal Training Software from Clubworx

Realise your dream of earning more and working less with Clubworx gym and personal training online software. When you have Clubworx to help manage your gym or PT studio, you can:

  • Manage clients, timetables, appointments, prospects, payments and more with a single easy-to-use online platform
  • Create a fully customisable website for free that will grow your business, attract new clients and generate more bookings
  • Tailor your online gym and personal training software to suit your specific business needs in just minutes and only pay for the features you need

Want to learn more about how our gym and PT software can benefit your UK gym or PT studio? Contact Clubworx today for a free consultation!

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