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Achieve Success with Clubworx Yoga Software

Do you need yoga studio software that is user-friendly and intuitive? Start and grow your fitness business with minimal hassle thanks to Clubworx. Our superior software can be adapted to your business needs with ease, allowing you only to pay for the features you use.

Without the right system in place, too much time is spent on admin tasks and not enough time is spent on the essential areas of your business. Improving and growing your business should be your number one priority, but when you’re weighed down by monotonous tasks and inefficient yoga software, it makes it much harder to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to transform your yoga studio with efficient, easy-to-use yoga business software that adapts with you as your business grows? 

Get your business and your life back on track with Clubworx!

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Give Your Members Control with Our Mobile Member Portal

Put the power in your members’ hands with our mobile member portal. This convenient app specifically designed for yoga studio members allows them to view their profile direct from their phone. Your members also have the flexibility to manage their own bookings and add new products or memberships to their account as long as their payment details are on file with your yoga studio.

Not only is this mobile application more convenient for your members, but it also gives them the ability to control every aspect of their membership anywhere and at any time.

Easy Automated Payments and Membership Sign-Up

Receive money sooner with our automated payment platform powered by Stripe and Bluefin Payments. Manage your all-important cash flow in one place with Clubworx collecting and securely storing card and bank account details from your members. One-off, recurring credit card payments and check payments can be set up and processed by our system. You will also receive notification if a payment has been missed.

Automated payments are fully integrated with a smooth online membership sign-up process and the ability to tailor-make smart forms and waivers to be added to your website. New members can sign up and make payment for their membership all in one go, making the sign-up process easier for them and the membership management process simpler for you.

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Why Choose Clubworx Yoga Studio Software


Simple Payment Processing with Automated Payments

Manage all member payment in a single, simple interface. Thanks to our trusted payment providers Stripe and Bluefin Payments, Clubworx is able to automate your membership payments and notify you when a payment is missed.

You can set up recurring credit card and check payments, or one-off payments, and you can also have access to a mobile point of sale option – giving your members even more ways to pay.


Simplify the Sign-Up Process with Smart Forms & Waivers 

Set up smart forms and waivers quickly and easily to streamline your registration process and make the sign-up process easier than ever for new members. No need to bother with paper sign-up forms any longer! Every smart form and waiver can be tailored to suit your purposes with the ability to include branding, terms and conditions and more.

Your new sign-up form can be made available on your website, giving new members the convenience of joining your yoga studio wherever and whenever they wish. All waivers are mobile responsive, and there is even a digital signature panel which can be included as part of the sign-up process for mobile, tablets and PC.


Mobile Member Portal

Members have complete control over their yoga studio membership with membership portal. They have the freedom to view their profile and make changes to their account such as adding new memberships or products to their account. Because this feature is available in a mobile app, members can access and make changes to this membership information at any place and at any time.


Schedule and Book Classes Online Instantly

Members can book into yoga classes anytime with ease via our interactive online calendar. Schedule your classes and update your timetable instantly with Clubworx yoga class scheduling software. Your members will also have the freedom to book a class through your website via the online booking system from their PC, tablet or mobile.


Use Email and SMS to Connect with Members and Prospects

Send marketing materials and messages via email and SMS to any targeted audience you choose with Clubworx. Create message templates to send out in bulk to members and prospects alike, and keep your yoga studio at top of mind with your client base.


Monitor and Analyse Yoga Studio Attendance Data

Know exactly how many members you have and how many of those members are attending your yoga classes on a regular basis. Track attendance trends easily with attendance graphs and find out exactly who is missing class so you can reach out to them before they drop out of your yoga studio classes completely.


New Feature-Packed Marketing Website

Receive a brand new website with a fully integrated contact us form and online calendar included. Not only is your new website fully customizable, but it also saves you money on expensive web design. Your new website will have everything you need including social media icons, an interactive online calendar where members can book in classes and more.

Already have a website you are happy with? It’s very easy for Clubworx features to be integrated with your existing site!


Comprehensive Reports Providing Business Insights

Have the tools you need to grow and expand your yoga studio with valuable business reports. Gain invaluable insights on how your yoga studio is tracking with in-depth reporting on student attendance, earnings and more.


Add or Remove Features and Only Pay for What You Use

Clubworx software adapts and grows with you, giving you the flexibility to add or remove software features as you wish. This means you only pay for the tools you use! You can also customize almost every field in the system to include the right information for your business needs.


Unlimited Support for Our Customers

Don’t be left high and dry when taking on a new computer system. At Clubworx, we give you the support you need. If you want some help or have a question about your new yoga software, call our support team on (886) 588 1192 between 2 pm – 9 pm Monday to Friday or send us an email to

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You can’t beat the value for money you receive when implementing efficient Clubworx software into your yoga studio.
We have three pricing packages to suit every yoga studio size and budget with the ability to upgrade at any time.

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Create more efficient processes and streamline your yoga studio management workflow with ease when you take advantage of the Clubworx yoga studio management software. Not only will our yoga teacher software make running your studio easier than ever, but its convenient features will also attract new members!

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