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Why Choose Clubworx Gym Management Software?

Too many gyms and fitness centres are weighed down by complicated gym management software that’s time-consuming and hard to use. In fact, some fitness club software products are so complicated that online training is required to teach staff how to use it!

On the other hand, some gyms have simple fitness centre software that’s far easier to use but the features are too limited and restrictive – hindering progress and growth for their business.

At Clubworx we bridge this gap by providing feature-filled software that’s easy to use and has a clean and uncomplicated design. Once you see our full range of features all available in a simple to use platform, you’ll be ready to make the switch.

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New and Growing Fitness Studios

Whether you are a brand new yoga studio or a small yet emerging gym, Clubworx lets you start simple and become more sophisticated over time.

When you are focused on starting your centre, you don’t have time to waste on working out how to use your health club software. You need a member management system that is simple and intuitive. Your early goals are to convert your prospects, manage your members and collect their payments. During this time, nothing matters more to your fitness business than being able to do these 3 things easily. Clubworx is here to fill that need.

Larger Established Gyms and Fitness Centres

As your business grows, your focus will shift towards bigger goals. You will be more interested in retaining your members and letting them know about other products and programs you may offer using automated tools. Our gym software Australia and worldwide can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of your fitness business.

No matter how large your fitness centre is, our health club software can handle your high volume of data with ease and adapt with you as your needs expand and change.

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Gym software
Gym software

Attract & Convert New Clients with a Feature-Rich Marketing Website

Does your business have a feature-packed website that attracts and converts new customers? At Clubworx, we breathe new life into your website by adding invaluable features that are essential for business success.
A professional, effective website designed to capture and convert new sales leads is critical to your sales and marketing strategy. Clubworx offers a customizable website platform designed from the ground up to strategically capture new sales leads and manage your firm’s classes without your direct involvement.

  • When you upgrade your website with us, it will include:
  • A fully integrated Contact Us Form and Online Calendar
  • An interactive, online calendar which means your members can easily book into their favourite classes anytime
  • The ability to customize with your own branding (colours, images and copy all customizable)
  • Links to your social media

When you sign up with us, your brand new marketing website will be live and working in under ten minutes!

Got your own website already?
We make it easy for you to add the Clubworx online calendar or contact us form to your existing site to enhance its functionality and appeal.

Generate More Revenue and Convert More Sales Leads with Intelligent Client Analysis

Our Clubworx health centre software can help you foster your prospects by allowing you to effortlessly monitor and optimise your sales pipeline. You can also take advantage of our intelligent client analysis to determine which clients could benefit from additional services provided by your business.

Here’s how our fitness software can help you boost revenue and convert more leads:

  • Get insights into where your leads are coming from and find out which marketing efforts are working
  • Customizable prospect staging lets you know exactly where an individual is in your sales pipeline
  • Track and improve your prospect to member conversion rates

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Gym software
Gym software

A Flexible Interface That Adapts to The Way You Manage Your Fitness Clients

With the click of a mouse, Clubworx seamlessly adapts to the way you organise your client information. Gone are the days of changing the way you operate due to rigid, unfriendly health club software tools.

Our flexible interface will allow you to:
Design and customize contact records that let you collect only relevant information about your clients.

  • Make changes with a user friendly drag and drop tool – no IT degree needed!
  • Less cluttered contact records make Clubworx easier to use for you and your staff
  • Upload member photos

Only Pay for The Features You Need

Tired of fitness centre software that has you paying for features you just don’t need?

Our simple yet powerful core feature set means you pay for the features you require, and no more. You have complete control over the features you wish to have on your website as you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

Our fitness software also gives you the flexibility to add more features to your gym management software as your needs change.

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