Business Insights, data and custom reporting for gyms, dojos and yoga studios

Know exactly where you stand when it comes to your revenue, member numbers, payments from anywhere. Reach your business goals faster by letting our system crunch your numbers so you can put your focus where it matters most.

See your financials in real time to make better decisions

The key to running a healthy business is knowing your numbers. We help take the hassle out of manual calculations by showing you where you stand now but also making projection reports. Clubworx includes out of the box + custom reports including:

  • Historical revenue
  • Future recurring revenue
  • Default rates report
  • Debtor report
  • Daily takings report 

Member stats at a glance

Curious as to how many members you have right now? Do you know how many are active and inactive. With the kiosk and check in tools you can ensure you stay on top of member activity rates in a few clicks from anywhere. 

Use the member activity widget on the home dashboard or get custom attendance reports and use filters to sort by location and trainers and event type.

Martial arts automated skills and belt tracking reports

Assign styles/ranks and belts to students and effortlessly track their progress and eligibility for grading. Schedule and manage RSVPs and payments for upcoming grading events.

Multi site business management

Do you have a number of businesses you need to manage? Clubworx supports multiple linked accounts so you can effectively manage your franchise or chain with aggregated or per site reporting. You’ll get:

  • Single logins for multiple sites (toggle between your accounts quickly)
  • Provide staff with access to one or more accounts as appropriate
  • Set up custom top-level reports to get powerful insights across each of your linked accounts.
  • Link all classes and contacts to their location and access meaningful reporting for contacts, attendance, and revenue per site.

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