Who is Clubworx

Clubworx is great software but we're all about the people who support you too. Our customer service ethos that’s better than anything you’ve ever tried before.

We’re on a mission to empower the fitness business owners of tomorrow  with a technology platform that enables them to do more of what they love like teaching and coaching; rather than spending their precious time on admin.

At Clubworx we know that empowering the fitness business owners of tomorrow results in even greater positive impacts on their clients - and ultimately the world.

We’re powering the people who inspire others to embark on and continue their journey to health and fitness.

Our values

Be collaborative

We’re as passionate about our customers as we are about our team members. We thrive on sharing and learning and adapting continuously, because a problem shared is a problem halved.

Be curious

We’re empowered to learn and to listen intently to our customers and team members and to question things that don’t make sense and to seek out the right answers.

Be real

We speak in plain english, we provide easy answers to hard questions. We’re more than the technology we create and our friendly Aussie team always wear a smile.

Be bold

We encourage our team to think boldly, to speak up when things seem wrong or to push for new ideas that make sense. This also means we’re not afraid to say no if we need to.

Be supportive

We’re always nice - to each other and our clients and speak with a smile. When we’re confused or unsure we always lean in with a positive attitude and supportive mindset.

Be generous

We aim to share our knowledge, experience and our time to help others. We’re reciprocal by nature and aim to make sure our amazingness is never hidden away in a word doc or spreadsheet.

Our passion

Our people + passion is what sets our business apart.

We are a people and serviced based business brewed in the fitness haven of Australia, Queensland.

We pride ourselves on innovation, personalisation and a superior customer service experience that supercharges the power of our technology.

Technology is only so much without passionate people driving it.

Trusted by hundreds of fitness professionals worldwide

 Our customer service elevates our software

Clubworx is already one of the easiest fitness software applications to use.
But our client support is what makes it truly amazing.

The Clubworx story

Emily and Matt are the co-founders of Clubworx both born and bred in sunny Queensland Australia working in startups and scaleups since 2003. Self labelled ‘business nerds’ who love building and growing businesses, their exposure to health and fitness businesses whilst leading their last business (PaymentHub) they saw a huge opportunity to help advance business systems and processes online.

5.0 Stars (1 review)

Love the support and help in transition

"What we see with the software is a clean and simple look that our clients could like. What we see is a great program , one of the best so far, so highly recommend, we are still new to it so hoping will learn more. Great support (Important!) many offer solutions but lousy support, Not Here the support is excellent"

Den @ Core Fitness - New York, USA
Switched from Rhinofit software

With a superior level of understanding what their customers needed and at an affordable price they went on to build their own startup ‘Clubworx’ in 2015. With a keen eye for business process improvement and having been on their own health and wellness journeys they are committed to serving and supporting wellness businesses knowing their opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of people via the clients of the customers they serve.

Today Clubworx is still led by Emily (CEO) and Matt (Director) with a team of sales, support and IT professionals based in Brisbane, Australia. The Clubworx team is  committed to building a platform that lets those in such an important industry as fitness, health and wellbeing grow faster and smarter than ever before.

The best part Emily says is that she loves getting to hear and support her customers in new and different ways and that their inclusion in the product feature building process is what makes Clubworx the best in the business.

We’re your passionate team of fitness software people

Clubworx has become one of the world’s most popular online fitness software applications because we know the incredible power of what good, well-designed software can do.

Great Service & Software!

"I have been searching YEARS for a software that would work with my studio, the main issue in the past I had was lack of flexibility, I don't require my clients to schedule but I do restrict the amount of times they can train within a month. Finding a software that my trainers could understand, had a kiosk mode and allowed for "drop ins" was near impossible until clubworx.”

Stephanie @ South Bay Trainer
California, USA
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