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Streamline your Dojo's fitness business software. Clubworx is the secret weapon to power your business and save you time.

More movement, less desk time

Free yourself from hours of admin time each week. Martial Arts and MMA is all about teaching students’ discipline, focus and agility (which you can’t do if you’re busy doing admin). 

Our dojo management software automates all of your business processes - including student gradings,  sign ups, payments, waivers and attendance and more efficient from the first time you use it.

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Automated grading system

Our favourite feature loved by martial arts studios worldwide.
Our automated grading feature helps you keep track of your students’ style and rank progress, making grading super easy.

Add styles and ranks

Customise to your preferred martial arts grading styles and rank system.


Assign them to your students

Bulk import students and their current belts, or set them up individually.

Our system does the rest - tracking students to each grading event and beyond

When the grading is complete, you can promote students to their next belt in bulk based on their results. Imagine getting this done in a few clicks rather than a few hours. Select, allocate, promote!  


Family membership management

Clubworx makes managing family memberships easy. Sign the whole family up on a simple online form and click and accept to set them up and instantly in your account.

Avoid late payment conversations

Clubworx automates all of your recurring payments, with notifications, updates and more. Outsource failed payment follow up to Clubworx automated messaging and avoid awkward late payment conversations.

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FAQ on Martial Arts Software

FAQ on Martial Arts Software

What is Martial Arts Software?

Martial Arts software helps dojo owners to automate all of their business processes. It is fit for purpose software designed specifically to help dojos and schools manage everything from student gradings, sign ups and registrations, class scheduling, payments collection, waivers and attendance and even sales and marketing more effectively.

Clubworx is a leading martial arts software provider and can make managing your dojo easier, more efficient making it more profitable to run giving you more time on the mats and less time on admin.

What are the benefits of martial arts software?

Martial arts software can help dojos with: 

  • Streamlining your grading events (invitations, payments, updating students belts in bulk).
  • Simplifying student sign up, memberships and payment collection
  • Creating convenient online options for your onboarding process like signing electronic waivers
  • Creating class schedules and online class bookings that integrate with your website
  • Manage and automate student gradings and grading events
  • Streamlining business reports like member numbers, attendance revenue and more
  • Automating marketing emails and SMS for class reminders and more
  • Helping you run your dojo from anywhere via the cloud

Find out more on how a martial arts management software can help you run your business.

What are the top features in martial arts school management software?

Some of the features in martials arts software include:

  • Grading Management Tools
  • Custom online sign up forms for students and their families
  • Class scheduling and tracking
  • Member portal
  • Multi location support
  • Email/SMS campaign builder
  • School performance analytics

It’s important to note not all martial arts systems have the same features and functionality; you should check with your provider about the features they can provide. You can view our features on this page.

How much does martial arts software cost?

Martial Arts software ranges from $50-$1000 per month depending on the software capability and customisation. 

Clubworx has a free plan for less than 20 Students with simplified features and goes up to $169 for a fully featured plan.

Are there demos for Clubworx martial arts software?

Yes, we love to show our clients how to use our Martial Arts Software with demos available every day in your time zone. Clubworx offers demos for anyone who has never used software before; to software experts looking to switch providers. No matter what specialisation you are in from  BBJ, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo …. we’ve got solutions that can help you.  

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Clubworx has the features your dojo needs

It’s like a black belt for your business. Feel like you’re at the top of your martial art with our dojo management software.

Clubworx has the features your dojo needs

It’s like a black belt for your business. Feel like you’re at the top of your martial art with our dojo management software.

Flexible feature selection for your business

We designed Clubworx to be super flexible. Choose the plan with the features you need. Upgrade or downgrade at any time with no contracts and no cancellation fees.

Stored in the cloud, not on computers

Clubworx is secure, cloud-based software, so you don't have to install anything on your  computer or worry about losing anything.

Run your dojo from anywhere

Because Clubworx runs on our secure internet cloud servers, you can access your business from anywhere, on any device, anywhere in the world.

It integrates with everything too

Love Mailchimp, Google Docs Or Facebook?
There are countless business apps that Clubworx can instantly connect with, in just a few clicks.

5.0 stars (2 reviews)

Been searching for years...ClubWorx is "The One"

"ClubWorx offers EVERY feature we were looking for, and our ClubWorx representative has gone above and beyond helping us get everything programmed and set-up properly. The software is fantastic and the customer service is second-to-none. Everything is going as planned and promised and we couldn't be happier!”

Lynell @ Counterforce Taekwondo
West Seattle, USA
5.0 stars

"Clubworx is always improving and thinks of everything to help studio owners. Their customer service is always nice and helpful. They are the best CRM out there."

Virginia @ Middlebury Martial Arts Academy
Connecticut, USA
5.0 stars

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Love Mailchimp or Google Docs? Facebook? There are countless business apps that Clubworx can instantly connect with, in just a few clicks.

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Clubworx has made our lives easier! Client retention is much better with this program. I love getting emails that let me know that a member is expiring. It allows me to reach out to them via sms, email or phone call.

Shedee S