Fitness management software for business owners

Clubworx automates your back-office tasks, so you can spend more time with clients
(and less time on admin)

Martial Arts Dojos (incl. MMA)

Move faster and surprise your competition with automation. Manage family memberships, handle payments and run gradings. It’s like getting a black belt for your admin.

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Gyms, Fitness Studios, PTs

Your business is all about making people healthier, happier and fitter. What could you do with less paperwork and more time each week?

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Yoga Studios

You can’t be feeling 'zen' if you’re tied to an office desk all day. Clubworx helps make memberships, classes and communication easy. Turn it on and settle into Warrior One with us.

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Dance Studios

Simple online bookings and payments. Less paperwork with custom online sign up forms. Take classes online with simple scheduling tools.

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Everything you need, on one screen

Tired of having to use 4 different programs to handle a single payment, or 3 to change a class schedule? 
Clubworx brings all of your memberships, contacts, communications, classes, schedules, payments, forecasting, cash flow and more into one, single screen.

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Run your business with ease

Tied up with member payments, scheduling and manual communications?

Clubworx completely transforms how you handle all of your admin, freeing up your time for face-to-face training sessions, building relationships and lead-gen promotions.

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Why Clubworx?

We’re not just a software provider, we’re also experts in customer support. Our passionate team members are here to help you whenever you need us, with expert advice and friendly support.

All the features you need in one single dashboard

Save yourself from having to speak with multiple software vendors  - we offer nearly every business feature you need, in one single cloud-based app.

Sharing best practice knowledge to help you grow

We’re all about best practice in fitness – sharing expert knowledge so you can take better, more profitable steps each day.

We listen to our customer feedback

We’re always improving our software – ask us for a feature and we’ll try to make it happen (we love hearing new ideas and feedback from clients).

Australian based, servicing the world

Based in Australia, helping fitness businesses across the world. We have clients across the world including US, UK, Australia, Canada and NZ.

It integrates with everything too

Love Mailchimp, Google Docs or Facebook?
There are countless business apps that Clubworx can instantly connect with, in just a few clicks.

Great Service & Software!

“Easy to use interface - Intuitive - Great Customer Support - They really care about their customers, and take our feedback into consideration when implementing new features”

Aidan Lee
Fitroots, UK
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We integrate with your favourite apps

Love Mailchimp or Google Docs? Facebook? There are countless business apps that Clubworx can instantly connect with, in just a few clicks.

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