Payment management technology for gym, dojos, yoga and dance studios

Set up, change, review and automate payment processing with a broad range of providers. Simplify family or partner membership payments and streamline the management of failed payments using automated notifications and rebill rules.

Automatic payment + receipt processing

Set-up change and manage memberships and casual classes to help manage your cashflow (and your time).

Manage all your payments in one single location from anywhere using our safe and secure Clubworx system. Plus we’ll help you get started quick and easy with 1:1 migration and VIP service on all paid plans.

Payment integrations

Clubworx gym software integrates with a range of payment providers across different locations.

We’ve created robust integrations that let you manage 99% of all your payment management tasks directly from your Clubworx account whether cash, credit card, online or bank transfers. One system to schedule, skip, reschedule or adjust payments.

Auto late payment notifications + rebill rules

Avoid awkward late payment conversations by automating the entire process. In 5 minutes automate an SMS or email to your members immediately after a missed payment with instructions as to how to resolve the payment - automatically.

  • Automatically reschedule failed payments based on your rebill rules
  • Set rebill rules for individuals or groups of members in minutes
  • Set and forget cancellation policies for classes and sessions

Flexible payment plans

Design whatever you sell to your members. Clubworx gives you limitless options for designing services, membership plans, class passes, annual registrations, seminars, special programs including:

  • Upfront paid in full memberships, annual registrations or one off events
  • Set class styles and limits on type or number of classes
  • Set up Kiosk purchase functionality for class packs/drop ins

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