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Complete Control and Convenience for Your Members

Put the power back into the hands of your members with the accessibility and convenience of our mobile membership portal. This super handy application gives your members access to their membership details anywhere and at any time via their mobile phone.

Not only can your members view their membership information and class schedule on their mobile through this app, but they can also make changes to their profile information, update their membership details and book classes with ease. As long as they have their payment details on file, your members can even add more members to their account, purchase more products or upgrade their membership.

This level of convenience and control is something every member of your PT studio and gym will love!

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Streamline Your Business Processes using PT Software

Most gym and PT Studio owners work 10-15 hours a day, day in and day out, trying to manage their business and it’s only made worse when dealing with clunky, poorly designed management software. In fact, one of the biggest setbacks to productivity and success is inefficient gym and PT software Australia wide.

Don’t be held back by inefficient gym and PT software any longer!

Clubworx gym and personal training software Australia wide really does it all in one simple, easy-to-use system – providing you with a complete solution to meet the needs of your growing fitness business.

Clubworx streamlines your marketing, selling, delivery, retention and payments into one easy system so you can get back to doing what you love. By simplifying the business processes, you’re able to get up to speed and handle daily tasks more efficiently.

Clubworx helps you grow your business and retain your valuable clients without all the blood, sweat and tears.

So if you’re tired of spending too much time managing your membership base, payments and doing mundane administrative tasks, contact us today and find out why more gym owners and personal trainers are choosing Clubworx.

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Spend Less Time on Admin and More Time Growing Your Business

Clubworx allows you to re-prioritise your business success thanks to our easy-to-use and highly intuitive gym and PT software platform. Our fitness trainer software also makes it easy for gym owners and personal trainers around Australia to start and grow their fitness business.

With an automated payment feature powered by Stripe or Ezidebit that allows you to set up recurring credit card and check payments as well as fully customisable online waivers and smart forms for a seamless web-based sign-up process – running your gym or PT studio will be a breeze!

Our system is easy-to-use, completely customisable, includes everything you need and it’s super affordable.

With an automated payment feature powered by Stripe or Ezidebit that allows you to set up recurring credit card and check payments as well as fully customisable online waivers and smart forms for a seamless web-based sign-up process – running your gym or PT studio will be a breeze!

Our system is easy-to-use, completely customisable, includes everything you need and it’s super affordable.

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How Clubworx Can Benefit Your Gym & PT Studio


All You Need in One Easy-to-Use System

Clubworx is simple to use and can be tailored to your gym and PT business. It empowers you to build your dream business by streamlining all the critical moving parts that otherwise bog you down and hold you back.

You can do everything you need with this fitness training software and more. Manage prospects and clients, appointments, timetables and flexible payment plans with ease online, so you’ll have more time to spend providing fitness solutions to your clients. In fact, the Clubworx online system is so easy to use that it makes any administration task a breeze.

Without having to pay any additional fees or charges, the Clubworx platform also allows you to customise your management system so that it meets the specific needs of your business.


An Easy Payment Process with Automatic Online Payments

We know how important it is to have an easy to use payment process so you can start making money quickly and easily. That’s why Clubworx is integrated with payment gateways such as Ezidebit and Stripe so your business can accept and manage bank account and credit card payments, automatically and securely all in one place. That means you can generate more revenue in less time and with less hassle; while offering more convenience to members!

A mobile point of sale option is also available – providing your clients with another effortless and flexible payment option!


Simple Sign-Up with Customisable Smart Forms & Waivers

New members can sign up straight from your website with our online and fully customisable smart forms and waivers. Save time, streamline your registration process and make signing up to your gym or PT studio easier than ever.

This feature is also integrated with automatic online payments, allowing you to accept credit cards, debit cards and bank account details securely as part of the sign-up process. You can’t beat this level of convenience!


Keep Track of Your Members with Gym Attendance Management & Tracking

Now you can easily manage and keep track of individual member trends and identify if a member is dropping off. Perhaps they just need a bit of motivation, which you can offer! Our gym and personal training software Australia allows you to record and track vital information about members, including fitness tests, demographics, contact information, memberships, diets, exercise programs and more.

That means you can further tailor your services and target your marketing based on these trends!


Stay in Touch with Members with Email & SMS Communication

Create personalised, tailored messages to connect with prospects and members and upsell products and services. That means a more profitable business and higher member value for you!

You can also create email templates for professional and consistent email marketing. Entice new members to join and upsell to your existing members with efficient and scalable email marketing!


Easy Website Creation that Completely Integrates

With Clubworx you can have a fully functioning, professional looking website that can attract new clients in as little as 10 minutes!

Your newly created website will also integrate with your member contacts, calendar, and other back-office databases. That means you save thousands of dollars and tons of time on website design.

Members can easily sign up for classes through your new, user-friendly website, which means increased member retention for you!

Got your own website? You can choose to integrate Clubworx too!


Grow Your Business with Powerful Business Insights and Analysis

Take control of your future by forecasting revenue with comprehensive reports giving you a complete overview of your business progress. Our in-depth reporting also helps you project earnings, student attendance and more. Reports can be customised to provide your business with the specific data you need.


Only Pay for the Features You Use

With Clubworx, only pay for the features you want to use. Other rigid software systems are either too difficult to use or not complex enough to give your business what it needs to grow. Thanks to Clubworx, you can select the features you need and only pay for what you use. You also have the flexibility to upgrade your features with ease when required as your business grows.


Full Customer Support

Don’t be left high and dry after getting new gym or personal training software. At Clubworx, we are available both during and after business hours to offer you help and support when you need it. Whatever questions you have about our fitness training software, we can help you out!


Australian Based, Owned and Run

Clubworx is proud to be an Australian company that’s 100% owned and run right here in Australia. When you purchase Clubworx software, you are supporting an Australian business who fully understands the needs of Australian gyms and PT studios. We also have a local, Australian based team on hand to help you whenever you need it.

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“I love being able to see the class check in dates for my clients, I also enjoy having all of the information on my clients, finances and other reports in one easy to access place. “

–  The Camp Fitness, Sydney, Australia


At Clubworx, we offer three flexible gym and PT software Australia packages suited for both small and large sized businesses with the ability to pay yearly or monthly.

Starting your free trial and purchasing the Clubworx gym and personal training online software couldn’t be easier!

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Start today and fast-track your way to a successful fitness business that simplifies your work and multiplies your profits!

Check out available plans and pricing below:

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Choose Plan


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Choose Plan


Choose Plan
Active Members Up to 20 21-100 101-250 Over 250
Free SMS per month - 50 100 250
Number of Prospects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of User/Staff Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bulk Email & SMS
Hosted Website
Website Integration
Task Management
Email & Phone Support -
Smart Contracts and Online Waivers for online registrations - -
Workout Tracker - -
Mobile Member Portal - -
Sequences - - -

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Finally, you can realise your dream of working less and earning more thanks to Clubworx gym and PT software Australia wide!

With Clubworx managing your PT business or studio, you can:

  • Manage prospects, clients, appointments, timetables, payments and more with one easy-to-use online system.
  • Create a FREE customisable website that grows your business by attracting new clients and receiving online bookings!
  • Customise your gym and personal training online software to suit YOUR business in just minutes…without paying for features you don’t need.

Not sure where to start or want more information? Contact us today for a free consultation!