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Save Time and Money with Clubworx Gym and PT Software

Have you had trouble learning how to use your gym management and personal training software? Wouldn’t you love to have software that is easy to learn, easy to use and packed full of features that can be customized to suit your business needs?

It’s possible with Clubworx!

Don’t waste your time with training to learn how to use your new system. With our user-friendly drag and drop tool and simplistic interface, you and your staff will master our gym and PT software in no time.

Best of all, our system can be tailored to suit the needs of your specific gym or personal trainer studio. You can tailor almost every field and build prospect and members fields to include the exact information you need and leave out everything you don’t.

With its simple and logical processes, not only will you save time but you’ll also be saving money! And with more time and money at your disposal, you can focus on growing your business, improving your service for your customers and enjoying a better work/life balance.

Our innovative and highly intuitive platform will streamline your business processes and help grow your business for success today!

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Instant Online Membership Sign-Up and Automated Payment Processing

Make the sign-up and payment process easier than ever with Clubworx. Payments with Clubworx are powered by our trusted payment provider partners Stripe and Bluefin Payments. Our platform allows you to process credit card and check payments instantly. Everything is run directly through your Clubworx account, meaning you no longer need to switch between different systems!

Your members also have the convenience and flexibility of signing up with your gym or PT studio direct through your website. This makes membership sign-up and management easier for you while also making the process simpler for new members.

More Convenience for Members with Our Mobile Member Portal

Give your members the convenience they crave thanks to our mobile member portal. Every member of your gym or PT studio can receive full access to their membership information via their mobile phone by simply downloading the mobile member portal app.

This application allows them to view and make changes to their profile and book in for a gym or PT session anywhere and at any time. If your members have their payment details on file, they even have the flexibility to add new products or memberships onto their account.

The possibilities are endless with Clubworx!

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Why Choose Clubworx Gym & PT Software


Easy to Use and Completely Customizable

Clubworx has everything your gym or personal trainer studio needs and more with a fully customizable platform where you can pick and choose the features you need.  Our software streamlines business processes that are usually time-consuming and hold you back from what really matters in your business.

From prospect and client management and flexible payment plan creation to scheduling training sessions, building timetables and more, all admin needs can be taken care of quickly and easily from one simple software platform.


Automatic Online Payments for Easy Payment Processing 

Manage all your member payments through one simple interface and have the ability to process one-off and recurring credit card and check payments with Clubworx. Powered by trusted payment providers Bluefin Payments and Stripe, our efficient and secure gym and PT software can automatically accept and manage bank account and card payments without any hassle.

Generate revenue in less time with members making payments instantly online. A mobile point of sale option is also available so card payments can be made from your gym or studio.


Convenient Online Sign-Up with Waivers & Smart Forms

New members can now sign up for your gym or PT studio directly through your website with Clubworx. No need to bother with paper sign-up forms any longer! When a new member enters their details into your site, you can access that information instantly via your gym and personal trainer software.

This feature is also integrated with an automatic payment process so membership can be paid for right away while signing up. With a streamlined registration process in place, it’s easier than ever to encourage people to join your gym or PT classes.


Retain Members and Generate New Business with Insights and Analysis

Receive valuable insights, analysis and reports on various aspects of your business. Gain insights into where leads are coming from to learn if your marketing efforts are working, or track prospect to member conversion rates.

You can even identify first-hand if a member’s attendance is slipping – allowing you to react proactively before you lose them entirely. With valuable insights like this, you will be able to improve retention rates and provide more value to your customers.


Email & SMS Communication to Connect with Members and Prospects

Clubworx has you sorted when it comes to email and SMS communication. Send valuable, customized and consistent marketing material with minimal hassle.

With Clubworx software, you can create and save email and SMS message templates to send to members and prospects. All messages can be sent out in bulk to targeted audiences.


Fully Integrated and Tailored Website

Receive a FREE customizable website platform that has been designed from the ground up, included with your gym and personal training online software package. Your new website will be feature-rich with a fully integrated contact us form and online calendar. This means your members can also book classes via your site at any time. When you receive a new website with us, it will be live and working for you in under 10 minutes!

Got your own website? These Clubworx features can also be added to your existing site seamlessly.


Grow Your Gym or PT Studio with Insightful Business Reports

Take control of your gym or online personal training business with extensive reports that can forecast revenue and show attendance levels at a glance. All reports can be tailored with ease so that you have the specific analysis and data required for your business.


Only Pay for Features You Need

Every gym or yoga studio is different, which is why we have a fully flexible platform that allows you to add or remove features at any time as your needs change or your business grows. That means you only pay for the features you use and nothing more!


Affordable and Transparent Payment Plan 

We have three affordable payment plan options with a single low monthly fee. No setup fees, no lock in contracts, cancel anytime. No more surprise extra fees and charges with Clubworx! We are completely transparent about our fees and what is included for the price.


Comprehensive Customer Support 

Every Clubworx purchase comes with full customer support for every client across the US. If you need help with your new gym and personal training software platform, call us on (886) 588 1192 or send us an email at Our support service is available across the country from Monday to Friday, 2 pm to 9 pm. You can also take advantage of our initial migration service where we can smoothly transition your members across to your new platform.

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Realise success, simplify your work and increase your profits with Clubworx!

We have three gym and PT software packages for all business sizes, and we offer the flexibility to pay yearly or monthly.

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The Ultimate Software for Gym & PT Studios Across the USA

If you want to earn more and work less while running a successful gym or PT studio in any location across the USA, choose Clubworx gym or PT studio software today. Once you experience the difference easy-to-use, intuitive and adaptable fitness trainer software can make to your gym or personal training studio, you won’t turn back.

Clubworx allows you to:

  • Take care of members, class timetables, payments, marketing and more with a single, simple platform.
  • Create a free, fully customizable website that is packed full of features to attract new clients, generate more bookings and achieve success for your business.
  • Tailor your software by adding or removing features in just minutes to suit the specific needs of your business.

Want more information about how Clubworx gym and PT software will help improve and grow your business while also saving you time and money? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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