10 Of The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2021

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10 Of The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2021
10 Of The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2021
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10 Of The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2021

Since COVID, fitness habits have changed. People are more aware of their body and fitness, and are looking to stay healthy in more ways. 

To keep your finger on your pulse, we’ve selected the top 10 fitness trends of 2021 for you to pick and mix for your next workout. Some of them are old favourites you’ll recognise, and some are new kids on the squat block.



Explanation: Isn’t it annoying when you’re not ‘vibing’ an exercise and have to repeat it again in a class, for a whole track or circuit? 

With High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re looking for short, sharp bursts of exercise with minimal repetition, this is the popular circuit for you. 

Can’t make it to a gym? You can find plenty of classes online. Heather Robertson and Caroline Girvan are two of our favourites for free, bite-size classes to get you sweaty.

Perfect for: Those with a short attention span

2. Yoga

Explanation: A survey by Classpass showed that yoga was the most popular digital exercise during lockdown. With so many fabulous variations available, and minimal apparatus and space required for you to get on the mat, there’s no wonder everyone is getting their namaste on. 

Try a beginner’s hatha class to get you started. Or challenge yourself with a power ashtanga class. There’s even yin or nidra yoga if you want to rewind the pace and zen out.

We recommend the YouTube sensation Yoga with Adrienne to kick you off, or bliss out with Boho Beautiful if you’re at intermediate level and ready to turn yourself into a human pretzel.

Perfect for: Those who need something for the mind as well as the body

3. Running (in your ‘hood)

Explanation: The tried and tested method of strapping on your runners and pounding the pavement has stood the test of time as the ultimate stress booster. It’s always going to be first past the post as the fitness choice for many. All you need is yourself, some great running shoes… and potentially a good alarm clock!

Need some motivation? Join a running club and find likeminded people who will push your goals and meet you at 5am when everyone else’s in bed. 

And do you yourself a favour – download a motivational playlist. You can’t run without it!

Perfect for: Escaping the daily grind and feeling the wind in your hair.

4. Climbing

Explanation: Bouldering and climbing walls are quite literally springing up all over the place as a great new way to get fit. This fun and sociable activity is a one-stop-shop for flexibility, cardiovascular, strength and mental agility – and you’ll make friends doing it.

Try something different, get fit and find yourself a new social group all in one. 

Nothing can beat that feeling when you reach the top of a wall with everyone cheering you on. Your limbs will ache the next day, but it’ll be worth it.

Perfect for: Meeting people and reaching a new peak of your performance

5. F45 style circuit training

Explanation: This hardcore, challenge-style workout has never lost popularity in the decade since its inception. 

Why? Because it works!

It’s great if you’re looking to kickstart your fitness goals among likeminded people. Prepare to get really motivated with turbocharged, energy tanked trainers, and plans and programs that will hold you accountable to what you have signed up for. It’s a no brainer!

Perfect for: Those who like a challenge-style workout in a team environment 

6. Personal training

Explanation: If you want to get your house rewired you hire a professional electrician, right? 

Well if you want to rewire your fitness, and smash some specific goals, it makes perfect sense to hire a personal trainer (PT). 

Book your trainer based on their specialisation, availability, whether you gel with their teaching style and even where they’re based. Need a bit more encouragement, or to tone a particular area? Your PT will show you how to do it. Welcome to fitness on your terms.

Perfect for: Those who need a tailor-made approach and one-on-one attention.

7. Dance fit

Explanation: Statistics prove dancing makes you feel good. The harmony of music and shaking your tail feather gives you an immediate rush of endorphins, whether you’re line dancing with your favourite cowboy, or taking a salsa class with your mates.

Plus, you can do it anywhere – even in your kitchen while cooking dinner.

Feel the rhythm and shake the weight in so many ways: Zumba, ballet barre, or Les Milles Body Jam are tried and tested dance fit crazes that have become extra popular in front rooms during lockdown. Working out has never been so fun!

Perfect for: Those who can’t help but shake it!

8. Cycling

Explanation: The good thing about putting the wheels in motion is you can choose to cycle inside on a static bike, or out in nature.

Spin your way to svelteness in a class at the gym, or jump on your bike and make your own peleton with your lycra clad mates. You’ll burn a heap of calories and end up with pins to die for.

Hot tip: invest in a foam roller to massage those sore calf muscles on Day 2.

Perfect for: Those who were born with go-faster stripes.

9. Tiktok dance crazes

Explanation: The newest kid on the block is a fitness technique in disguise. And it’s one for the whole family.

Did you know TikTok challenges can burn 400-600 calories an hour? You won’t even know you’re doing it… and who knows, you might become the next online sensation!

Perfect for: Those who aren’t shrinking violets, those with kids – or both!

10. Wearable devices

Explanation: Isn’t technology great? It’s even better when your fitness device can plan your optimum agenda for your desired goals. 

Track your steps, heart rate, sleep and more – a wearable fitness device is a must for every gym junkie who is as data driven as they are health conscious. The future of health is here – in fact it’s attached to your wrist!

Perfect for: Those who have busy lifestyles and need fast options to work out on the go.

As much as COVID has impacted the fitness industry, people haven’t given up on fitness. Quite the opposite. They’re even more dedicated to improving it! And there are increasing ways to do so… personal training careers are on the rise. 

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