3 Tips for Retaining More Members Using Box Management Software

Organization and communication are key when it comes to retaining Box members.  Get them right and watch your total membership skyrocket.  Do it poorly and it will feel like you are trying to fill a sieve with water.  Here are our three tips for growing your Affiliate Gym using your Box Management Software.

Tip 1 - Don't Just Focus on Recruitment

A lot of box club owners/directors focus primarily on recruiting new members. Although this is important, retaining existing members is every bit as important. A loyal, long-term member is much more profitable than a new one. The best way to retain members is to simplify and minimize the work that's required to run a successful business. Management software bundles a wealth of resources together, freeing up your time so that you can focus on the overall fitness and health of your members.  In the long run, helping your members achieve their goals will increase your likelihood of retaining them into the future.

Tip 2 - Keep Connected with your Members

Use your management software to stay connected to your box community with group and personal messages. It is especially important to send targeted messages.  Congratulate members for regular attendance or show your appreciation for them being 1, 3, 6 and 12-month members with a thank you note. Staying connected fosters motivation and long-term relationships. Being able to segment your membership to deliver these targeted messages is essential to ensuring the right messages are sent at the right time.  They also add that personal touch that make people feel valued and not part of an email blast.

Tip 3 - Organization and Convenience

Give your clients the ability to book into classes or sessions online without having to waste time on the phone or by email.  As your membership grows, offering these self-service options are not only convenient for your customers, but will free you up to focus on more important growth and retention strategies.

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