4 ways our martial arts software powers your dojo!

It is difficult for a software provider to meet the individual needs of all martial arts businesses.  There are different styles to consider, different approaches to business and then there is the unique perspective and philosophies of each dojo owner.  Having said that, from our experience, there are also so common aspects that your martial arts software must provide you to help you grow your business. Let us know if we've left anything off the list.

1. Present your business in a professional manner

There are many elements to marketing a martial arts school.  You have your website, your prospect management emails and links to your all important social media channels.  Clubworx integrates all of these elements for you so you don't have to.  We give you the tools to present a beautiful website to your potential clients, send out your sales emails, direct people to your Twitter and Facebook pages and allow your current members to book into your classes.We make you look great and give you clients (and potential clients) the ability to contact you through multiple avenues, in one easy to use martial arts software.

2. Sign up your potential members 24 x 7 without any manual intervention

That's right.  Let people sign up for your classes 24 x 7 through your integrated Clubworx website.  You can set this functionality up in less than 10 minutes.  It is like having a free assistant working for your business.

3. Collect automated payments all through your Clubworx account

You are not doing your business justice if you are not collecting recurring payments.  Through our merchant partners, you are guaranteed great rates and through our software, you have the power to schedule payments that meet the needs of your clients, whether that is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  You can skip payments, reschedule payments and automate the collection of failed payments through our easy to use membership wizard.

4. Customize your entire system

Want to collect information from your prospects or members that is unique to your business?  No problems, with Clubworx, you can add additional data collection fields to your account or re-order the default settings so they make sense to you and your staff.  This powerful flexibility can help give your martial arts school the edge it needs in a competitive health and wellness industry.

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