5 of the top fitness trends of 2023

It’s been a wild couple of years - what with a continuing global pandemic, tense financial markets, cost of living pressures as well as global unrest. 

So, understandably, in 2023 many gym goers are looking for more than just a physical workout when it comes to their health. They’re also looking for ways to support their mental and emotional well-being.

Here’s what’s coming up in the world of fitness:

1. Virtual reality experiences

While it might seem futuristic, virtual reality is already here in a big way. 

Virtual reality workouts can vary, but mainly involve using a virtual reality headset or electronic device to undertake an exercise session. These devices can help the user feel as though they're in a different setting to where they  physically are. From boxing to golf, bowling to bike riding, VR is big and getting bigger in the fitness industry. 

There are rumours that the popular Apple Fitness app will be moving to a virtual or mixed reality platform in the coming months.


Convenient and customisable, VR workouts allow people to access their favourite styles of fitness from their home or office at a time that suits them. 

2. Mind body healing

For many reasons, gym goers may be more aware of their mental and emotional state in 2023 than ever before. In fact, according to psyciatry.org adults are reporting stress levels 26% higher in 2023 - so the need to bring those levels down is understandable.

These days clients often demand workouts that don’t just focus on the physical, but also involve breathwork, meditations, chanting, and other forms of mind healing - while still providing a physical workout as well. This style is becoming more popular than ever in 2023.

This also leans into a parallel trend around longevity and focussing on living on longer, healthier lives - rather than working out to achieve washboard abs in the short-term.


Physical exercise is proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety but by also including mind exercises the benefits can be even greater. 

3. Primal Movement

Primal Movement was listed in the Pinterest Trends Report 2023 as a top-searched term in the fitness world. Created by kettleball instructor and fitness coach Peter Lakatos in 2020, Primal Movement is a style quickly gathering a global following as fitness fans look for new, engaging and fun ways to keep healthy. Primal Movement borrows movements from babies and toddlers to engage key muscle groups and uses your own body as resistance. 

Movements like crawling, squatting, rolling and jumping are used as well as a healthy dose of fun and competition to create a mentally fun and stimulating form of exercise. 


Primal Movement promises to help leave participants feeling fitter but also happier, as it strives to foster a fun and engaging experience. 

Primal Movement promises to be a fun and engaging workout.

4. Standing ab workouts

Another social media-fueled trend, standing ab workouts promise to squeeze, tone and trim the tummy area, which is still a favourite spot to target. Standing ab workout hashtags on TikTok have views in the tens of millions and fitfluencers like Chloe Ting are leaning into the trend. 


Standing ab workouts are designed to deliver results in the middle tummy area while enabling viewers to avoid spending time on the floor doing crunches and planks. 

5. Posture workouts

With many people now spending much of their working lives sitting at a desk, posture can be impacted, which results in many poor health outcomes including back, shoulder and neck pain. 

Posture workouts are becoming more of a focus for fitness professionals and have a huge following on social media channels like TikTok and Instagram. 


Posture workouts help those that have a largely desk-bound job to feel more comfortable and experience less pain. 

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