6 must have features for your membership app

Membership management apps can help any fitness business – from yoga studios through to gyms and martial arts studios  – provide a seamless experience for customers.

Membership apps can help retain and find students and customers, and provide a smooth experience for them both at home and at your business. In other words, they can play an important role in your marketing.

So, what should you look out for when shopping around for an app for your gym or studio?

Warm up, stretch and then check off these 6 must-have features for any membership app.

1. An easy booking and scheduling process

Scheduling is one of the basic requirements for any membership app and needs to be a smooth process for customers.

Keep an eye out for scheduling systems that integrate automatic payment as well as waitlist management. This will help manage customer expectations when classes are booked up, reduce membership cancellations and keep your class numbers up.

2. Compatibility across multiple operating systems

Look out for apps available on both Android and iOS. It can be easy to forget this and install an app into your gym or studio’s systems before realising half your customers use Android phones!

Membership apps compatible with both iOS and Android usually provide a smoother experience for customers. This is because the investment has been made into the development of the app for both operating systems. Because of this, software errors are more likely to have been tested and removed.

3. Simple workout and/or progress tracking

Wearables and other forms of tech are a fast-growing part of the health industry. Customers are increasingly interested in seeing how their effort in your studio or gym is translating into real results.  

A great membership app will embrace a customer’s desire to look back and see where they’ve come from. This transparency will not only give them a self-confidence boost and keep them coming back, but it shows your investment in creating a holistic experience for your members.

4. Multiple membership support

Families often enjoy using the one gym or studio by signing up together. Having an app that allows them to manage all their schedules in the one place keeps things simple.

Why is this good for business? One less thing getting in a customer’s way to booking a class with you translates into fuller classes and more feet through your door!

5. Easy customer communications tools

Membership apps have come a long way, and the best apps help you notify and communicate with customers.

This can form a large part of your marketing strategy. It helps remind customers of upcoming sessions as well as notifying them of any discounts or news you might have as a business.

6. Seamless check-in experiences

There are new technologies built into apps where customers are automatically checked in based on their proximity to your gym or studio. Having a touchless check-in process for customers helps you save money on Point Of Sale systems and management hours, while giving your customers a smooth and safe experience.

Want a membership app right for your gym or studio? Use the below checklist to make sure it does what you need it to do.

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