7 Things to Think About When Buying Yoga Studio Software

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One of the biggest hassles of managing a yoga studio is always organization. Fortunately, there is certainly software out there that can help. Before you make a choice about your yoga studio software, ask yourself the following seven questions.

#1 – Is There a Booking Tool?These days, people don’t want to have to go through a ton of hassle to book a class. If the software you choose allows them to do so in only a few clicks, you’ll be well on your way to getting more leads, more clients, and more revenue in the long run.

#2 – Is It Mobile Friendly?Multiple surveys over the last couple of years suggest that more people access information via their smartphones than their computers. Making sure that your software is mobile friendly gives you access to this huge demographic, and it means that you can provide even more convenience for your clientele.

#3 – Can You Automate Client Payments?When your clients can pay for their sessions through a simple and secure online tool, they are much more likely to pay you on time than if they have to mail a check or drive to your physical location. What’s more, the ability to set up recurring payments with reminders provides your clients – and yourself – with even more peace of mind.

#4 – Can You Integrate Forms and Waivers?Running a yoga studio requires getting your clients to sign a lot of forms, whether those forms are for waivers, memberships, privacy, or any other manner of information. If you can integrate those forms and waivers into your software, it makes things simpler and easier for everyone involved. What’s more, you can keep a database of which clients have signed those forms and pull them up on demand.

#5 – Does It Facilitate Recurring Memberships or “Punch Cards”?If you want to reward your clients for setting up recurring memberships, software is a great way to keep track of it. For example, you can set up digital “punch cards” as reminders to reward your clients for their timely payments. Once a client has paid for six months’ worth of yoga classes, you can reward that client with a free session. It’s a great way to keep clients engaged and active, too.

#6 – Can you Contact Clients Easily?Things change from time to time and letting your clients know often proves to be a hassle. Going through an address book or spreadsheet and calling, emailing, or texting each client individually takes quite a bit of time, and there’s a significant margin for error, too. Software that allows instant push notifications or even mass email can save you time and save your clients hassle.

#7 – Does It Offer Self Check-In Options?If you’re offering rewards and perks to clients who make it to every class, then it is important to provide them with a seamless check-in system.

The software you choose should not only make checking in simple, but it should also keep records and produce reports upon request.As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which yoga studio software can make things better for both you and your clients. The more convenient you can make everything from communication to payment automation, the better off your business will be.

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