7 Ways Personal Training Studio Management Software Makes your Life Easier

As a personal trainer, you've probably thought about finding an easier way to manage your studio or health club. You probably dream of a world where training clients is all you do, and the rest just magically takes care of itself. Unfortunately, you cannot run from the fact that, if you want your personal training business to be successful, you will have to deal with all the paperwork and admin that comes with managing a business. However, things don't have to be hard. In fact, they can be simplified easily by using fitness software. Implement a personal training studio program and watch your life change.PT studio software can provide a ton of benefits to gym owners. Here are a few of those, just to give you an idea.

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Capture leads and track them

With personal trainer software in place, it becomes so much easier to generate, capture, track, and manage leads. For instance, this type of software solution lets you create lead capture forms, which can be linked or embedded into your website. Once a prospective client visits your site and fills out the form, the software automatically updates the data and stores it without manual intervention. This information can be used to automatically send out sales and lead nurturing material to help you convert the client into a paying customer.

Send targeted messages based on the information collected about the prospect

Growing your fitness business depends a lot on the kind of messages you send out. If you can send out messages that prospective customers can relate to, you are more likely to convert them into a paying client. With PT studio software, achieving this is highly possible. By collecting specific information about your leads, you can segment them into various categories using the software. After which, you can send automated and customised messages showing how your service matches their needs. For instance, if a prospect sends you an email asking about pricing, then you can send that client a message offering the latest deals or the cheapest packages.

Accept bookings online 24x7

Even when you finish work for the day, your online personal training studio software can still be working for you. You can program it to accept online bookings 24 hours a day. Not only is this convenient for your client to view class schedules and book appointments, it means you don't have to listen to your voicemail and trawl through your emails to add bookings to classes or PT Sessions. It happens automatically, freeing you up for other activities.

Track attendance

As a personal training business, your success lies in motivating and training people to make the necessary changes in their life to gain results. However, you can’t do that if you can’t keep a track of how often a person comes to your studio. With PT gym management software, you can set up individual profiles for your new clients and keep a track of the number of times they visit the gym or even no-shows. If you notice it is less than it should be, you can focus more on those clients and check-in with them before they stop attending your gym.

Simplify the payment processes

Payment processing can get very confusing, especially if you are managing them manually. If you make a mistake, you could potentially lose a client or end up being embarrassed. However, personal trainer software can make things easier by automating and simplifying the process. Implementing a system that tracks and reconciles real-time online payments via direct debit or credit card means you won’t ever be left short, and your clients’ fees are deducted on time. You won’t have to worry about making errors or running after customers sending them text reminders for the payment.

Help with membership retention

Understanding the attendance trends of your clients is critical to improving your studio’s client management and retention rates. Most PT membership management software packages will collect this information for you. Once you are collecting it, you can analyze it. You will find a high correlation between attendance and retention. Being able to quickly identify and communicate with these low attending clients is one of the great business benefits of PT studio software. In days gone past, fitness studio owners would call members who have canceled their sessions or stopped attending their studio to find out why they left. Your PT studio personal training software can help you identify low attending customers and provide customer support before they leave your business and give you a chance to understand and rectify the reasons for their non-attendance. After all, keeping an existing client is easier than sourcing a new one.

Save time

Personal training studio software helps you eliminate paperwork, and as we all know, paper work can be significantly time-consuming. The PT business management software can store all the necessary data such as payment records, health data, nutrition plans, training plans, online training session logs, etc. for future reference. This data is categorised accordingly and optimised for easy access. As a result, managing all that information becomes easier once it has been uploaded, leaving you more time to focus on your clients.Deploying an all-in-one PT software solution can help you effectively cut down expenditure, save time, and efficiently manage your personal training business. It can also help you simplify your processes and allow you to focus on the more important aspects.


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