8 things parents want from a martial arts dojo

Martial arts are fast becoming the go-to kid friendly sporting activity. After all, what kid doesn’t wants to be in Cobra Kai? Savvy parents are putting martial arts at the top of their kids’ activity schedules. These days, kids would rather be kicking it in a martial arts dojo than on the couch. Great news for dojo owners!

As martial arts studio software, it’s our duty to spread the word on why martial arts is the smart choice for healthy, confidence-boosting exercise for kids. It all begins with convincing health-conscious parents that your kid-friendly martial arts studio is the one to trust. 

With a competitive market out there, it’s crucial your martial arts dojo ticks all the boxes for parents. These top tips are designed to kickstart your kid-friendly dojo. 

1) Have a great studio image

In a cluttered market, prospective parents will notice the slickest branding first. Be sure to:

  • Coordinate the colour scheme of your logo with your dojo’s décor; even the uniform your martial arts students wear matters – image is everything.
  • Make your brand streamlined, functional and on-point to reflect the high standard of your training.

2) Be ambassadors of safety

In the post pandemic world, there’s no wonder parents are obsessively safety-conscious. Make sure:

  • All your staff are briefed on a COVID safe plan and know how to share it with kids.
  • You install hand sanitiser stands everywhere. Show kids how to use it and reinforce why it’s important.
  • Cleaning and sanitising mats and equipment are part of pack down at the end of class – get the kids involved!

3) Beat the bullies!

Martial arts teach kids to stand on their own two feet – and then some! It can calm an over energetic child, or instill confidence in those who lack it. This is a huge selling point for parents. The benefits are marketing opportunities waiting to happen. You might consider:

  • Creating a downloadable pamphlet or social media resource on the principles of martial arts and how it can help kids who have been bullied.
  • Promoting to parents the core principle of martial arts; that you teach a means of self defence, not attack. 
  • Explaining how martial arts teach kids to exercise restraint and caution in combat.
  • Harnessing principles in leadership, respect and discipline and spread the word at every opportunity.

4) Push the alternative to team sports

Not all kids enjoy team sports. If they’re left on the bench in school, or not gelling well with their coach or cohort, they can feel excluded. Not in your dojo!

  • Prove to parents that your studio is an inclusive space for kids of all ages and abilities. 
  • Showcase the self-reliance of martial arts. It’s very attractive to parents whose kids experience pressure or lack of attention in team sports.
  • Focus on fun over competitiveness and you’re already half way there!

5) Stay social

There’s no better accolade than past clients who can vouch for you on social media. So be sure to:

  • Take every opportunity to encourage parents to follow your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
  • Avoid one pitfall: Never use images of students on social media, on your website or in promotional material without prior consent from parents! 
  • Find out more on how to write an image consent form now.

6) Appeal to boys and girls

Another great thing about martial arts is its unisex appeal. Boys and girls can attend classes together and are viewed equally – as it should always be.

  • Promote how siblings and friends can go to class together. A single drop off and pick up situation with car sharing opportunities is a dream for busy parents! 
  • Clubworx martial arts software makes managing family memberships easy with a single form sign up. Life is easier without double handling!

7) Ensure a successful experience

Parents feel so much pride in their kids’ achievements. If you run a tight ship, no doubt your little warriors will be moving up to higher grades in no time.

  • Did you know it’s easier than ever before to manage grading for your students with Clubworx martial arts software?
  • Promote students to their next belt in bulk with Clubworx automated grading system. Then you can spend more time celebrating and promoting the success of your studio instead of managing boring admin!

8) Have inspirational Teachers

Your people are your brand. To activate this advantage, you could:

  • Pick inspirational and relatable teachers who gel well with kids and have patience and time to spend with newbies.
  • Display your instructors’ qualifications and credentials on the dojo wall.
  • Offer one-on-one lessons for gifted kids who show a strong interest and want to develop a bond with a particular instructor.

Clubworx dojo management software is like a black belt for your business. Make your software work hard so you don’t have to. With the right tools, it’s hard to fail.

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