Four Reasons Online Booking Software is Important for Your PT Business

Do you give prospects and clients the option to book appointments online? If not, here are four reasons why an online booking system is a smart choice for your business.

Organize appointments in a structured way

The traditional method of telephone booking and client lists in spreadsheets is just too cumbersome and time-consuming. Online booking software simplifies the appointment scheduling process, organizes all the booking information on one screen, and provides an easy visualization of how different days, trainers and rooms are booked. It clearly indicates availability and provides automatic confirmation, eliminating the risk of confusion or mistakes.

Cut down on your workload

Sophisticated booking software that creates classes and gives members the option to make calendar bookings from their desktop or smartphone saves you time and effort. You can provide all the information necessary for making an appointment, and not waste time repeating it each time or asking members for more details. The software also sends out automated emails confirming the booking, so you don't have to get members on the phone again or send out emails.

Make the most of 24/7 availability

Some members may prefer making appointments outside of business hours once they'€™re back home from work. Online booking offers them the convenience to schedule classes any time they want. There's no hassle of remembering to call you up the next day. When anytime, on-the-spot reservation is readily available, there's a lesser chance of members forgetting to book or putting it off for later.

Cater to desktop and smartphone internet users

87% of adults in the United States use the internet while two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. By 2017, an estimated 90% of internet users will start accessing the internet through their phones. Your smartphone carrying and desktop browsing clients can accomplish online booking in a matter of seconds by logging in to your site. They can book an appointment while sitting in their work cubicles, waiting in line at the university cafeteria or walking leisurely down the supermarket aisle€: quickly, conveniently, silently. The ease and agility of online booking is a major selling point, especially for Gen Y clients.

Quality booking software is an important aspect of your overall customer service. By providing this small but significant convenience, retaining members and attracting new ones becomes less challenging.

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