Apply Automatic Late Cancelation Rules & Fees

One of the success indicators of your business is your member attendance levels. This makes tracking and managing attendance accurately critical to running and growing your business.

If you run regular classes or personal training sessions, late cancelations can cause a real administrative nightmare when tracking attendance. Clubworx lets you set and forget cancelation policies for classes and sessions. For example, if you don’t allow cancelations within 24 hours (or any timeframe) of a class starting, then Clubworx can help you to enforce this policy. See additional awesome aspects to this tool below:

  • You’ll be given a choice to apply late cancellation fees as an added incentive for your members to stick to their bookings.
  • Your late cancelation policy is entirely customisable by you on a class by class or appointment by appointment case.
  • Most importantly, if a member does need to late cancel for a booking, they can notify you via the Clubworx Member App with a couple of taps. It’s more convenient for your members and saves you fielding lots of last-minute calls and text messages!

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