Contact Management (CRM)

Clubworx is not just for managing your members. Manage all of your contact data from Prospects through to Members and even non-attending contacts. Track key information like contact and payment details, attendance and communication history. Clubworx lets you easily customise the data you collect so that you can create a tailored CRM for your business. 

  • Track prospects and manage your sales process directly from Clubworx
  • Convert prospects to members, and keep all historical data over the lifetime of the person
  • Get simple to understand and access payment history for your members
  • Activity history on all contacts so you can easily see where your client/member is at
  • All historical communications are viewable from each contact so you know exactly what messages they have received
  • Attendance tracking – understand attendances and keep your members accountable
  • Streamlined customer signup experience through integrated online forms

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