Multisite – Manage Multiple Clubs

Do you have a number of businesses you need to manage? Clubworx supports multiple linked accounts so you can effectively manage your franchise or chain. You’ll get:

  • Single logins for multiple sites (toggle between your accounts quickly)
  • Provide staff with access to one or more accounts as appropriate
  • Set up custom top-level reports to get powerful insights across each of your linked accounts. Clubworx will work with you to build out custom reporting that meets your needs.

Do you run a business that operates out of several different sites? Not a problem. You’ll be able to set up and track each location within the one Clubworx account.

Link all classes and contacts to their location and access meaningful reporting for contacts, attendance, and revenue per site. We support per site reporting as we understand that this is the critical information you need to effectively manage your multisite business.


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