5 Ways to Add Value For your Gym Members

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to add more value to your memberships and to improve the overall experience for your members while still keeping costs low. You want to be able to offer a competitive price for prospective members, while still providing a premium service that works for your clientele.

Gym Room with Equipment

One of the first things that prospective members look for when shopping for a gym membership is the price - and this is often because people are inexperienced when choosing a gym membership and don’t know what else to base their decision on.

But it’s possible to position your gym in such a way that it offers great value to your customers while still competing with other gyms who offer similar services at a potentially lower cost. After all - think about a business offering a premium coffee product, versus a coffee from the drive-through window at a fast food restaurant.

In both cases you get a coffee but because the premium provider has spent time educating you about the benefits of their service you are happy to pay for their superior product. The same goes for your gym. Of course, you’re going to offer weights, workout equipment and a range of other standard gym features - but it’s the added value that will convert customers into fans and which will ensure you have repeat business.

Keep reading to find out five ways you can add value for your gym members…

1.   Understand your gym members and engage with them from day one

When a new prospect comes to your gym, there’s every chance that they may not fully understand what they want to achieve, how they want to achieve it and what kind of membership would best suit their needs. Sure, they might want to lose weight and ‘tone up’, but when it comes to approaching their gym routine, they’ll likely need some help - especially if they are hesitant about committing to a certain membership. You can add value to their experience from day one by:

  • Performing a fitness assessment with prospective clients and base their membership around this result
  • Offering incentives at each membership level such as a trial with a personal trainer, or some complimentary fitness classes

In taking these extra steps, prospective clients will see that you are committed to their success which can be a heartening thing. Plus, once you fully understand the desires and plans of prospective members, you will be able to offer appropriate membership levels.

2.   Create a commitment to a fitness lifestyle

Once you have prospective members on board, you can begin to work with them to commit them to a particular level or plan that is suited to their goals. Say they want to build muscle; you can schedule regular check-ins with customers using your gym software and offer training add-ons that will help them achieve their goals sooner.

  • Regular check-ins and tests like body fat measurements can help members see the results of their hard work
  • You can schedule, and monitor members using your gym management software and ensure that you are regularly checking in with members

The added benefit of this is greater revenue for your business, but your member also sees greater value through achieving their goals.

3.   Ensure you have a designated stretch and cool-down area for your members

While many users simply want to come to the gym, do their work out, and leave - it’s important to provide a space where members can stretch after their session. A stretch area is a functional space where your members can go pre- and post-session; make sure you have things like foam rollers, exercise balls and yoga mats (all in good condition, of course).

  • Stretching is a vital part of a healthy and positive exercise experience
  • Having a social area where members can stretch and cool down after a gym session is important for some members, so it should be provided to add more value.

When members feel that their needs are being catered to it leads to a positive experience for them.

4.   Offer your best possible gym culture

Some of the best gyms out there have an incredible culture where it’s not just gym equipment and machinery; it’s the culture and atmosphere. Many people who come to gyms come alone but are open to opportunities for making new friends or workout buddies - so consider having parties or meetings which are based on activities or ages!

  • Extra activities for your members will make them feel more committed to the time they spend at the gym

Culture is a huge part of your gym and should be consistently worked on to ensure that your atmosphere is a fun and engaging one.

5.   Keep your equipment up to date

There are few things worse for your members than going to jump on their favourite machine or to use their favourite piece of equipment only to find it broken. It is vital that you as a business owner is on top of maintenance and upkeep - because members will see greater value in equipment consistently functioning and working for them every time.

  • Things break down - it’s just part of life, but make sure that you get them fixed promptly and offer backup or alternative suggestions if the piece of equipment is unique
  • Ensure that anything old or outdated - this includes mats and other non-workout equipment - is in top condition

When members see a fully-functioning gym and can interact with it at all times they will enjoy greater value.We hope you have found this helpful, and remember to always keep working on ways to offer greater value to your members and customers for greater retention and satisfaction.


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