6 reasons why your gym needs a mobile app

Apps do one thing: make our lives easier. You have an app for banking, for music, for social media. So, why not simplify and streamline your gym operations with a custom membership app?

Mobile membership apps for gyms can be an important way for finding and retaining new members. They also help build your connection with members, make your gym a safer space and even help you diversify what you can offer customers.

Explore 6 reasons why your gym can benefit from a custom membership app. 

1. Helps to increase  your membership retention

One of the biggest challenges facing any gym owner is retaining membership numbers… closely followed by choosing a great playlist for the day!

When members are inside your gym, they love it. You’ve worked so hard to create a great atmosphere and build healthier futures for people, but how do you keep people inspired after they head home.

When people aren’t inside the gym and something gets in there way from coming back, a week or two off can quickly snowball into a cancelled membership.  A membership app allows gym owners to communicate directly with customers. Send them specialised workouts, discount offers, referral programs and workout notifications to increase the chances of them coming back and continuing their journey with you. 

2. Provides an easier way for owners to manager their gym

Membership apps can form a vital part of your wider management processes. From your marketing right through to your members’ experiences when they enter your gym, apps can streamline processes and give you more time to focus on your members.

3. Earn a more consistent revenue stream

Mobile apps have a range of tools for making your revenue more consistent and reliable.  

These tools include offering multiple subscription and sign up options, simple class booking systems, scheduling tools, automatic waitlist management and the ability for members to book classes for multiple account holders. A mobile app can help fill classes and avoid cancellations that can impact a gym’s bottom line.

4. Helps to create a smoother gym processes

Proximity check-in systems keep your gym safe and efficient for customers. This means you can save money on Point of Sale systems and staff overheads for checking in members and managing schedules.

These smoother processes both inside and outside your gym help you manage your business and schedule classes effectively, leading to a greater experience for your members.

5. Promotes your brand awareness

Fitness businesses, from gyms to dance studios, are all increasingly using mobile apps to help manage classes and improve processes. However, many of these apps have their own branding by the developer who built the app. This creates a disconnect between your members and your gym. 

Custom-branded membership apps are ideal for setting yourself apart from your competitors and incorporating your app with the entire bundle of signing up with your gym. What does this lead to? Great retention rates and more class sign ups.

6. Helps you connect with customers even at home 

It’s never been more important to diversify how gyms reach and retain members. 

A custom-branded membership app can help you connect with people and even provide them with specific workout routines for when they’re in your gym or at home.

Want to learn more? Find the best app for your gym with our checklist on what features you should look out for in your membership app.

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