Grow Your Revenue With These 4 SMS Examples 💪

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Grow Your Revenue With These 4 SMS Examples  💪

By Emily Smart, CEO Clubworx

When you talk to gym and fitness club owners as much as I do, I often get into what gyms are doing to improve their revenue. Recently a fellow gym owner and I were discussing the SMS functionality.   Their concern? Is SMS cost-effective?  It's a valid point — with SMS costing 10c per message in Australia, it's important to ensure that the return justifies the investment.

What if we looked at it another way  -: consider SMS as a strategic investment, akin to a reliable gym coach who ensures your members are consistently supported and engaged. When it comes to optimising class occupancy and maintaining a dynamic club atmosphere, the nominal cost of an SMS can deliver substantial returns.

Here’s 4 examples of how I know Clubworx Members are using SMS Marketing to grow their revenue.

Optimise Class Sizes 🏋️

Use SMS to inform members of available slots in classes, effectively increasing attendance and customer satisfaction. A timely message can serve as a direct line to your members, encouraging them to take immediate action.

💌 "Hi Barry, A spot in tomorrow’s 9am Functional Fitness class — just opened for you, to secure it Book in Now

Emily Smart
Emily Smart
CEO Clubworx

Effortless Membership Renewals 🧘

Tracking and renewing memberships can be as seamless as a well-coordinated workout with SMS reminders. A gentle prompt can significantly reduce membership lapses, supporting a robust revenue cycle and boosting retention.

💌 "Reminder: Lachy’s membership is about to expire. Renew your Mini-Sharx membership here, now!"

Grow Your Revenue With These 4 SMS Examples  💪

Streamlined Class Schedules  🧭

An SMS can act as a beacon, guiding your members through their weekly fitness routine with ease. Efficient communication helps ensure that classes are well-attended and resources are maximised.

💌 "Janey, Check out our new class schedule, Which one suits you?  Book now!"

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Direct Feedback for Quality Service  🌟

Encourage members to share their experience and help enhance your club's standing with a simple SMS. This can lead to valuable insights and a stellar online reputation.

💌 "Enjoyed your workout? Rate us on Google here, now."

SMS can be that extra push your business needs to maximise the financial fitness of your Club. Your members will love the convenience and the reminders and you’ll love the time it saves and the return on investment.  

When you look at how SMS can encourage ensuring classes are full, memberships are renewed, communications are received and engagement is high, the 10c cost of SMS  is really cost effective.

The best bit is every Clubworx account has free access to SMS functionality.  If you would like to try to grow your revenue with your members via SMS  just click here.
(Or visit your Dashboard/ Messages and choose SMS)

P.S. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're dedicated to supporting your club's growth every step of the way.

10c is in AUD

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Grow Your Revenue With These 4 SMS Examples 💪

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