How Much Does It Cost To Run A Dojo?

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Dojo?

You could run a dojo and have students learn martial arts, such as karate, judo, kung fu, taekwondo or aikido, just to name a few. If you’re interested in teaching martial arts in your own dojo, here’s what you need to know about costs.

What is the biggest cost?

Space is the biggest cost for a martial arts business. In Australia, hourly rent for a 100m2 space (the bare minimum for a safe sparring area) averages around $50. 

This is closely followed by staff wages, and your own time in running and developing the business.

Other costs to consider include: 

  • Equipment 
  • Marketing 
  • Software 

Factors to consider if you want to run a dojo

Aside from rent, many things could increase or reduce your martial arts space costs, but it all boils down to your budget. We’ve compiled a quick list for you.

1. Be smart about what you rent as your dojo, and where

A central location makes your dojo easy to find, and attracts more foot traffic and potential students. But property values, and rental rates, will be higher. And you’ll have competition from other health and fitness businesses with similar customer demographics. 

A suitable dojo space in a less central spot usually means lower rent. You may have to invest in marketing and PR in the local area, but you’ll stand out in the community. Bonus points for spaces near schools, or that are popular with young families — all good sources of potential new students.

What you rent as your dojo also matters. Some spaces already come equipped, and even have shower and kitchen facilities, but you may have to pay more for this convenience. A bare-bones space may be cheap, and you might be able to get a bigger space too, but you’ll have to put in the time and money to equip it yourself.

2. Keep it simple and start with basic equipment

Your gear wish-list for the dojo of your dreams will be long, but the basics depend on your budget, your target customer, and what you use your dojo for.

Prioritise your dojo fit-out for safety and comfort first. Flooring should be the first thing on your fit-out list, whether it’s basic interlocking foam tiles, rubber flooring, carpet, or custom-made mats.

Depending on your students, their progress, and the activities you do, you can start to add on more equipment from there. 

3. Start small for your dojo, and plan for growth

It makes sense to want a large martial arts space. There’s more flex room, and you can accommodate more students, equipment, and facilities as your business grows.

Remember that your dojo space can grow as your martial arts business grows too. Plan, and be specific about the type of students you’ll take on, the exercises you’ll do, and the minimum space required.

4. Use proper martial arts software to save time and money

Using martial arts software is an investment in you and your business. Do pay attention to pricing, realistically you should not be paying above $500 per month for a decent dojo software. In the long run great software will save time and money way before you open your doors. 

With specialised martial arts software, you can:

  • Automate your grading systems, and keep track of your students’ style and rank progress. 
  • Integrate and automate your administrative and marketing tools and processes seamlessly.
  • Generate reports with valuable data and insights, and identify trends and issues early on.
  • Maintain your connection with your students with automated, personalised messages at key life moments, such as birthdays and promotions.

Clubworx creates specialised martial arts and dojo management software catered to martial arts business. It scales down what’s out there for larger enterprises, but applies the same professional standards and principles to your business. On the plus side our basic plans start at just $89pm (AUD) and you will never pay more than $300 per month. 

That’s more time on the mat, and less at the desk for you.

As with all investments in life; do your due diligence and make a list of the pros and cons of all the expenses in your business. Consider things that are necessary from day one versus things you can add in once you have established a good member base. 

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