Rip up the HR rule book and hire an A-Team you can rely on

Amongst all of the advice that well-meaning parents and friends and spouses give when they find out you’re starting your own business, you’ve probably heard, “Hire someone better than yourself.” This is one tip that you should follow. Y

our business is your baby, and like a baby, you wouldn’t just put it in the hands of any random person. I'm not a recruitment expert, but from experience I do know that you must be involved in the hiring process. This goes for every single position and you must be looking for people that make your business better—instead of just leeching away your money and energy.Like the original A-Team, everyone should have their own skills and specialties.

Here are three tips to make sure you get people on your team as useful as Face, Murdock, and B.A.:

  1. Write a great job description. If you want the right kind of people to apply for a position, you have to advertise it correctly. Write a clear description of the role applicants will play, complete with what tasks they will have to fulfill and what kind of training (if any) you’d like the have or be willing to get. A clear, concise, and detailed description will bring the A-Teamers to you. During this process, it might also be useful to make a list of the qualities you want applicants to have, separate from your advertised job description.
  1. Be in charge of the shortlisting process. Even if you have a hiring manager, make sure your hand is in the pot as you separate the wheat from the chaff. Some people will clearly be wrong for the position—these are the ones who didn’t proofread their cover letter before submitting it or just aren’t qualified for the position. Then, there will be people that don’t meet the criteria on your “list of essential qualities.” Don’t be daunted if you still have ten candidates left after this process.
  1. Do an interview and a work sample. This is the most important step. When you call the cream of the crop in for an interview, ask them to do a work sample. Pick one of the tasks they will regularly have to complete and use it as a test to see who has what it takes. Remember, the candidate is on the spot, so keep this in mind when going over what they've done.

Being as involved as possible and using these three tips will ensure that you get the right people on your team—the ones that will be as excited about the work and as willing to but their time and energy into it as you are.

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