Transform your Fitness Business with the Clubworx App

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Transform your Fitness Business with the Clubworx App
Transform your Fitness Business with the Clubworx App
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Transform your Fitness Business with the Clubworx App

If you run a gym or fitness studio, using Clubworx software is a game changer in managing your business operations from anywhere in the world.

And now with the launch of the Clubworx app, it streamlines your member management processes with an all-in-one mobile app experience. You can use the app to schedule classes, manage check-ins, automate billing, and more for your members.

“When gyms started asking for an easy way to interact with their members we listened. We put hours of research, planning, design, and development into making a powerful app that anyone can use and we're so excited that it's now available,” said Emily Smart, CEO of Clubworx.

Designed for members to manage their fitness schedules, attend classes, and provide tailored member experiences. The app is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way for you and your members to manage their memberships.

“We wanted to make something that works for both individual members and family groups, with customised branding options. We're proud of what we have created, and looking forward to adding more features as we go along,” says Emily.

Everything your members need to sign up and show up.

Whether your members need some accountability, motivation, or a greater sense of accomplishment — this app has it covered. Here are some of the features that make Clubworx app the ultimate fitness management solution.

App features at a glance

●     Easy class bookings and automated payments

●     Push notifications and reminders

●     Workout tracker & program delivery

●     Supports family management

●     Proximity class check-in

●     Customised branding app

●      iOS and Android compatible devices

“Switching to Clubworx remains as one of the best decisions we made. The software is constantly being updated and improved upon, with new features being added as well. They listen to, and, most importantly, act on feedback and feature requests from business that use the software,” said Nicola from PW Physique and Fitness.

Easy class bookings and automated payments

The app's scheduling feature is intuitive and easy to use. You can create and manage classes effortlessly, push notifications and reminders ensuring that your members are always informed about upcoming sessions.

“With most people using smartphones and adoption to new technology, a member app is the perfect way to communicate and strengthen relationships beyond emails and training sessions,” said Shayna Jones from Ezidebit (payment partner for Australia/New Zealand).

The Clubworx app automates your billing process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. You can set up recurring payments, track payments, and generate invoices with ease.

Workout tracker & program delivery

You can offer your members more flexibility with the ability to deliver customised workout programs directly via the app. The workout tracking feature allows members to log their workouts and track their progress over time and set goals for themselves.

●      Offer tailored workout programs for specific members

●      Members can view their workout library or personal program anywhere at any time

●      Martial arts grading events +belt tracking features

Family management

Now Mum, Dad, and the kids can have one account with separate logins to make it easier to manage check-ins (either together or separately), payments, and class gradings in one place.

●      Book classes from one or more accounts

●      Manage payments and check-ins separately or as a group

●      Add on new classes, subscriptions or one off payments at any time

Proximity class check-in

Automatically track member activity with the proximity check-in feature making it easier to proactively manage member retention.

●      Automatically checks members into classes within proximity

●      No need for tablets or /manual check ins

Customised app branding

Take your member app experience to the next level with optional custom branding.

 ●     Create your own app logo and branding

●      Elevate your professionalism and level of investment

●      Members will only see your business name and brand

●      Differentiate yourself from competitors

●      Save costs in developing your own app

●      Available to download on iOS and Android

Get your member app set-up today!

If you’re new to Clubworx, we can get you up and running in a matter of days — just ask us how. You’ll also get free data migration and free dedicated 1:1 customer support.

To learn more, visit our member app page or contact us directly to get started.

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