5 Tips For Marketing Your Yoga Studio For Mother’s Day

It’s no secret that yoga is one of the most popular wellbeing activities for Australian women. Statistics show that around 72% of yoga practitioners are female. Women come to yoga studios not just to boost mental and physical health, but also to connect with the yoga community. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to stretch marketing opportunities for your yoga studio to warrior level.

1. Reward your existing customers 

Love begins at home, right? Your existing customers are the face of your brand. If they keep coming back for more yoga classes, they’re walking ads for your yoga studio. There are many ways you can leverage this – and there’s no better excuse than Mother’s Day. 

a. Turn your regular clients into ambassadors for your brand

Make them feel special. Encourage them to like and share content on social media. Let them be the first to know when you’re launching a new class, or concept. Keep them on speed dial.

b. Try a Mother’s Day Yoga referral scheme

Bring your Mum/daughter/sister/friend along for a free yoga class on Mother’s Day. Ensure you collect email addresses of all who attend and store them all in your Clubworx Yoga Management Portal

c. Launch a Loyalty program

Reward those who regularly attend your yoga classes. Get your tenth class free. Refer a friend and get a free class. Use Mother’s Day as the opportunity to tell people the good news. The email and text integration on Clubworx Mobile Member Portal works a treat to spread the word. 

2. Get social

A solid social media strategy is a great foundation to market your yoga studio. It’s the best way to reach out to your client base and it’s fun and easy to maintain.

Encourage all members of your yoga studio to follow you on your channels when they sign up to your classes. Put posters up in the studio. And don’t worry if you’ve not got huge numbers to begin with. Everyone has to start somewhere.

It’s easy to get started. You could:

  • Wish all your members a Happy Mother’s Day – and promote your offers and events.
  • Post those before/after photos of the studio refurb on Instagram.
  • Give those 5-star client reviews pride of place on Facebook.
  • Try a Yoga Pose of the Day to kickstart a following on Tiktok. 

3. Spice things up

Think beyond your usual yoga timetable and get creative this Mother’s Day. Why not:

  • Test the water with sampler drop-in sessions outside your normal timetable? Yoga Nidra. Breath work. Laughter yoga. Acro Yoga. Try something new to reinvigorate your class timetable and attract new clients.
  • Create a Mother’s Day Mini Yoga Retreat package with a relaxing yoga class, restful meditation and discount voucher for the next class?
  • Take the pressure out of the planning using Clubworx software, which allows your members visibility of all the bright new additions to your timetable.

4. Have a mindful Mother’s Day

There are so many ways to make Mother’s Day more than just a yoga class. The gift of yoga is time, balance and energy – something you’ll have more of when you don’t have to worry about all your admin issues thanks to Clubworx. Here are a few ideas to turn this Mother’s Day into an event at your Yoga Studio:

  • Yoga gift vouchers – Offer the gift of a yoga class, yoga course or meditation session especially for Mother’s Day. 
  • Yoga gift packs – Do you sell products at your yoga studio? Yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps and essential oils make great Mother’s Day gifts!
  • Support a good cause – Nothing feels better than the gift of giving back. Tie your Mother’s Day celebrations in with a local women’s charity and share the warmth of reciprocity.

5. Look after yourself

Managing your own yoga studio takes a lot of effort, but there are ways to make it easier. If you’ve always wanted your own personal assistant, you’re in luck.

Clubworx Yoga Studio Software will take the weight off your mind with easy solutions so you can focus on your people and your practice. And… exhale.

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