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7 Tips for Building a High Converting Website for Your Gym

7 Tips for Building a High Converting Website for Your Gym

The need for a website for your fitness center cannot be overstated. With a dedicated website, you can market your gym, generate, capture and convert leads and manage online bookings - boosting your online visibility and offline business at the same time.An excellent website will provide the essential information about your fitness center from YOUR CUSTOMER's point of view. It will provide multiple options for contacting you like social media links, email address, phone number, contact us form or online booking option.In addition, follow these tips to boost the conversion capability of your website:

  • Nail your headline: First impressions count. There's no denying that. Since the headline on the homepage is the first thing prospects see when they visit your website, getting it right is vital for conversion. Keep your headline simple (no jargon please), short (less than 20 words) and succinct (briefly explain your service). Alternately, you can include a large hero image on the home page that describes your service and use a short headline to complement the picture. Either way, keep it short.
  • Keep it simple, silly: Simplicity really is, the ultimate form of sophistication. Remove all unnecessary design elements from your website and keep things simple for your prospects and clients. Keep navigation simple and logical. Optimize third-party tracking technologies, reduce big bulky images and completely remove flash. These elements slow down your website load speed, irritate visitors and cause them to leave before converting.
  • Be clear about your value proposition: Website design and functionality aside, what converts leads in the end is the value they perceive from your services. There are plenty of fitness businesses in your neighborhood and no matter how great your website, you need to communicate your unique selling proposition to boost conversions. Aim to address at least one of the two questions:  (1) what makes your gym unique?, and (2) why they should join your gym? Make the information easy to find by placing it appropriately on the home page.
  • Make conversion easy: Keep your forms short. From website sign-up to gym membership, €“ every form you require your prospects to fill in should be low in effort and commitment value. Don't ask for a birth date, phone or credit card number upfront.
  • Employ social proof: Placing testimonials on your website is a simple, albeit highly effective way of making it high-converting. From a hero image of real-life people working out to short, one-line testimonials from real customers, €“ your homepage is the best webpage for placing people. Also, include social buttons on each page and provide information about how many followers you have on Facebook or Twitter to inspire confidence.
  • Optimize for mobile: Mobiles are fast replacing desktops as the preferred medium of web surfing for a majority of consumers. Have a mobile responsive website is a great investment that boosts both website traffic (search engines love responsive websites) and website conversions.
  • Test. Test. Test: Bryan Eisenberg famously said "€œalways be testing" € and to ensure your site remains high-converting at all times, this is exactly what you should be doing. A/B test your headline, call to action, landing page design, layout and color, navigation, hero image, value proposition statement and every other dynamic element of the website.

When it comes to website conversion, attracting attention with a clear and concise headline is a battle half won. Think of the headline as your elevator pitch, something that quickly, effectively and attractively explains your service. To win the remaining battle, pay attention to form and function of the website. Refrain from creating distractions through the overuse of design elements and follow one philosophy - simple is better. Test individual elements frequently to see whether or not they can be simplified further and keep optimizing for emerging trends in internet usage.

Remember to avoid these website killers.

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